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Gloominus Doom

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Originally posted by ScarabFlight
I was looking at Gloominus and I thought that maybe he was sad because he thought he had lost his dream. He doesn't realize that he has it in his hand because it's behind his back. Perhaps he doesn't realize it is behind his back because he is feeling sorry for himself and not taking time to look at how things really are around him. (Okay he is telling me that he is not feeling that way, he is just mirroring us)
This is also the message I see. How we can get so bogged down and focused on a problem or issue, that we do concentrate on finding resolutions or solutions to them. We let the problems drag us down instead of focusing on solutions.

Gloominous is standing on the head of someone and ignoring the other two that are crying out in dispair. What this means to me is that we can get so inwardly focused on our own "stuff" that we do not even see how we affect others, we ignore them. It becomes "all about me."

This card definetly symbolizes depression, sadness and hoplessness to me ... or better yet, as someone else mentioned a warning to not go on the self-pitty trip but to focus on solutions.
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Ruby Red Slippers 

Here’s the Guy who pops out at me when I read a “day at work of dealing with Corporate Bullies”

He reminds me that there are ppl in this world that are always going to be “Who they Are”, no matter what. It’s not my problem, really. The thing I need to be reminded that my reaction/action to this energy needs to be, not to absorb or become like them! After all, they have a place in my life which helps me to learn “my lessons”!

Maya Angeliou says, “when ppl tell you who they are, believe them”. In other words, don’t make excuses for their behavior etc. She says that’s where we get in trouble. I personally feel that this is where all the “judgment” issues get going in your head.

So this Fae, reminds me not to be like them, to “watch where I step”, Be open and alert to my environment and to observe without judgment, or I will become just like them! It can be a daily lesson if you work in Corporate America!

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I am working with the Art by the Inch challenge for November and decided to take the Faeries for my allies and let them help me pick topics to explore with my creativity.
First card was the Gloominous Doom.
And very fitting it is too. I am starting a creative journal where I paint and write about my expectations on life and why things didn't work out the way I wanted them too.
this little fellow just told me to - yes, please do explore the depths of your negative self-image but also please remember that it is just that: SELF-image. I created it - I deal with it - I can change it.

So today I take the plunge into the sea of hopelessness and despair - but I also have an obligation to myself to crawl out of the pool of misery when I am done.
I am glad to have the little guy to lead the way.
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Originally Posted by Namaste
I discovered then that whenever he appears a few things happen:

1. I have a really good night's sleep.
2. I am dead tired and need a good night's sleep.
3. I know, suddenly, that I had better lie down and go to sleep...

In other words..., that I had better take care of myself and this is the best way to do it right that moment.
You know, it's funny now that I've read your description, it has dawned on me that the expression on GD's face is very similar to the look my little children get when they are overtired. They get these big weepy eyes, and every little thing has a major emotional impact. If I cut my 4 year old's toast in half instead of in quarters, she'll have a meltdown. I can just see Gloominus being in that mind set: "But.... but... <sniff> I really ..... wanted... <wipes eyes> my toast <big tear rolls down cheek>... cut into .... squares....<sobs>"

So it makes sense to me that this card could mean just what you describe. It focuses on getting your basic needs met, or else you won't be able to do much else.
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Originally Posted by laura_borealis
He makes me think of that character on Farscape, whose name I can't think of -- but who has a similar droopy expression and is always managing to get himself into scrapes.
I think you mean Rigel, the "toad", the Dominar. Gloominus does look a bit like him doesn't he?

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I did a reading for a friend with this deck theother day.
this friend is a very touchy woman. She has had lots of responsibility on her from a young age, and she tends to really get mad at people and can be explosive.
During the last year, she has gotten better at not blowing up, and she seems quite cheerful really, but I'm wary of her.

She was over the other day and grabbed the Fae, shuffled chose three, and when I returned to the table, there was Gloominus D!

His belly looked rubbed raw.
I never noticed before how red and raw his little knees are.
He looked so devoid of light, which made his fingertips really shine, and the globe sort of had a phospherescence....but so dim.

I gave her a mild interpretation of him, but because of her unpredictable nature, I admit I held back a bit.
ANd now I"m in Gloominus Doom consideration mode. I've never really liked Gloominus much. After the other day, now I'm reconsidering him.
I'm thinking about him alot today.
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Daily Draw...09/24/06

When doing my daily draw today, Gloominous showed up as being my faery companion for the day. I admit that in the last few days, I've been very weepy eyed, and when I'm not sad and weepy, I'm angry and snapping hard at my kids and husband. It's like, I want to be left alone, until I'm alone, and then I need someone there, but if they stay too long, I get mad at them and snap again. Just sooooooooooooo incredibly emotionally sensitive as of late. So when I saw Gloominous come up as my faery companion for the day, I couldn't help but to frown and sigh, and wished another fae would be with me instead. But I'm trying to see past my "dislike" towards him, and try to hear the message he carries.

I think his message is something that is so rooted down deeply inside oneself, you have to work out whatever is wrong within yourself before you can continue looking out of your shell to do the things you like or want to do. I find him the represenation of inner conflict. Not like the confusion of the topsy turvets, but the inside demons. That voice that tells you how bad you are, or how ugly you look, that inner demon that knows exactly what to say to make you curl up under your sheets and cry for hours as you try your hardest to fight it off.

I don't believe Gloominous "is" the inner demonic voice, but is only here to present to us, "you're doing it again, be careful, I'll do my best to try to help you fight it, but in the end, you know it's only you that can fight this thing".

I believe I'm in for a rough day, so I'm taking a deep breath, and I'm going to take things very easy, and be very mindful of Gloominous's presence and warning.


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aah, Ol' Gloom Eyes! I have seen him in a lot of ways over the years...when I went through a phase of depression Gloominous was always a rather embarrassing reflection of myself...I mean, after all these were Really Important Emotions and Issues that I was going through and there he was, with his choir of Gloomlings, looking as miserable as I felt, so miserable it was....funny! All my life and death Important stuff couldn't be funny...could it? The Faeries seemed to think so! Huh, I wasn't having that...

Then as I started to be able to laugh at myself and things got better I saw GD as a bit of a warning- not to allow myself to be so melodramatic and self-centred...

Now, however, I don't think he is so clear cut. I think it is ok to travel in the Gloom with him for a while, to self-indulge and bemoan sorrows...they are after all a real part of life, just so long as I don't let them engulf everything. And of course a tickle of his belly will make him laugh helplessly and Loominously, just don't tell dear Gloominous I told you!
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Originally Posted by sagitarian
When doing my daily draw today, Gloominous showed up as being my faery companion for the day.

I believe I'm in for a rough day, so I'm taking a deep breath, and I'm going to take things very easy, and be very mindful of Gloominous's presence and warning.
So how did your day turnout? Did you get any further insight into Gloominous? I drew him as my Faerie companion for today. Interesting how you got him yesterday, and I have him today.

I am not feeling sad about anything, I am really not quite sure what his message is for me today. The fey he is standing on is the one that is really popping out of the card at me today, so perhaps it is a warining that the hubby is about to have a rough day, and for me to be prepared to be "stepped" on and to support him. Now quite sure. Or perhaps he just wanted to spend some time with me. If something stands out I will be sure to post.

Actually I did have something happen to me on Saturday, that has had me feeling terrible for a couple of days. I was combing one of my precious kitties, and she had some mats in her hair. I was trimming them out, and I accidentally cut to close to her skin and cut her!!! Talk about feeling guilty, and like a bad mom! She is OK, although it took some skin she did not bleed, and I am caring for her injury, but I do still feel abosolutly horrible. Perhaps he is here to tell me that it is OK to forgive myself, that 2 days of looking at Hermoine and having tears come to my eyes is enough. That she has forgiven me and it is time for me to forgive myself.
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Originally Posted by ncefafn
My first impression of Gloominus was that he reminded me of Eeyore.
Me too!! Gloominous Doom greeted me today, and this was my very first impression! "He looks lovably glum like Eeyore." I could even hear Eeyore's sad drawl.

I love how the faery that he's standing on is taking it like a champ, as though he knows Gloominous means no harm, and he seems to be used to his melancholy trampling about. While the creatures (look like fish to me) on the side are freaking out, with eyes bulging. It made me think about how some people will view you quite differently than others will. You can't please everyone, so really the best you can do is be true to yourself.
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