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Mary El Tarot - The Lovers

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Yes, that was my reading of it too. They are opposites: light and dark, internal and external, passionate and reason, but they have found love in the union of the two. I think it's very beautiful. I also love the biracial aspect of it.
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GryffinSong  GryffinSong is offline
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I just got this deck today. My first impressions of the Lovers ...

Old and young. Black and white. Male and female. Communion of opposities, tying us together in a dance of love. We look within. We look without. Together we can do anything. We can learn anything. We are whole. We are entire. We are full. Of wisdom, fear, future, past, love, hate, love, love, love. Unity. Together. Wholeness.
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I've been considering getting the Mary-El Tarot, but there are a few cards that just don't sit well with me, and this is one of them. I'm posting here with the thought that perhaps someone might be able to share some perspective that I'm missing.

I know there has been discussion of the symbolism of white/yang and black/ying, as well as the balance between young and old shown here. However, frankly I have to say that my first impression of this card (and esp. true of the draft version of the card with two women) was: "Gross! That old white man is forcing/coercing that woman to have sex with him.. Or is he raping her?" I feel like the social and historical power dynamics of age and race have largely been ignored or overlooked here. I am all for biracial relationships, but somehow this image seems like it depicts a relationship of exploitation.

My first impression was definitely not two people entwined in a loving embrace, but rather a lustful old man clinging on to a young beautiful woman who would rather be anywhere but here! It seemed like a rather twisted and terrifying depiction of "the Lovers" to show such a scene.

Am I missing something? I just can't see myself being comfortable using this deck to read for women, esp. women of color because of this card.

I would love to hear other thoughts on this matter!
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ivanna  ivanna is offline
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I dont find the man too old. Just with white hair, but not really old. For me is a mix of a warrior looking for rest after a batle while the woman huges him and think about how much she missed him and how hard was the time waiting for him to arrive, or a reconciliation scene. And you know what comes after a reconciliation.....

For me the man is a nice mix between a warrior and Gandalf. :-

In contrast I do not find the woman nice. She is very thin, the boobs are too big for her small complexion
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PintzyPutes  PintzyPutes is offline
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Originally Posted by elinne View Post
"Gross! That old white man is forcing/coercing that woman to have sex with him.. Or is he raping her?"
I don't find the image to be forceful. They each have 1 arm free to do what ever they want with it. He is not sucking her breasts, his head is almost on her upper chest which to me implies comfort - a safe place.

It is interesting that her hand is on his head. I find the person that is holding the other persons head during sex is the one in control.
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