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Mystical Cats Tarot - Consequences XI (Justice XI)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Consequences XI (Justice XI)

This card is the equivalent of the traditional Justice card.

We can see a calico kitten being entangled in the thread of the ball she's playing with. (Since calicos, like tortoiseshells, are always female unless they're a mutant male, I will assume the former and use female pronouns.)
The ball is made of twine and is mixed with some leaves, thorny twigs and feathers.
The kitten is now indoors, on a grey floor, but we can see she's coming from outside, thanks to the dirt she left on her way.
Behind her, we can see an arch with 2 columns at the limit between the grey floor and the outdoor scenery. There is a green plain with some trees and bushes scattered around. The sky is bright blue.

Colors : Nothing sticks out to me.

The book makes a cute comparison between a kitten carelessly playing and people making incautious actions. Sometimes the consequences can be way worse than the ones depicted on this card, but the message is still the same. "Playfulness must be balanced with awareness." But I think the best advice from this card is "Be aware that the way things are begun influences their ultimate outcome." Always look forward to your next step if you don't want to end up in troubles!
It's definitely the least serious and solemn depiction of the Justice I've seen in tarot, but I don't find it's less representative of the overall original meaning of this card.

Symbols :

Kitten : It's the first (and only?) Major Arcana card that shows a kitten alone. We can assume the authors wanted to put the emphasis on the immature, impulsive side of ourselves. Kittens are easily excited by anything they're encountering for the first time. They will jump into action and deal with the consequences after. Humans are typically the same. Even the most careful person might forget to watch their steps if something exciting or unusual happens to them.

Knots and entanglement : Common images to represent problems, obstacles.

Thorns : Symbolizes hardships.

Arch : Represents new possibilities.

I didn't dig too deep into this one, as I didn't feel there was any hidden messages or symbols.
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