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greatdane  greatdane is offline
The Lone Crone
Join Date: 16 Mar 2010
Location: ---------
Posts: 20,276
Thank you and best wishes, Solandia

May your road ahead be clear, be peaceful and may you take the good thoughts of all of us with you.
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EmpyreanKnight's Avatar
EmpyreanKnight  EmpyreanKnight is offline
Join Date: 23 Oct 2015
Location: Manila, Philippines
Posts: 1,853

Thanks Solandia! These forums have helped me to grow so much, and for that I'm grateful for your efforts. Godspeed!
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Beanfeasa's Avatar
Beanfeasa  Beanfeasa is offline
Join Date: 18 Sep 2015
Location: Louth, Ireland
Posts: 160

Indeed! When I left Dublin and returned home to my fearful Catholic small town, I felt isolated and quite lonely, I found this haven and with it my community.

I wish you health and happiness x
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Astraea's Avatar
Astraea  Astraea is offline
Senior Citizen
Join Date: 13 Feb 2003
Location: Colorado, USA
Posts: 4,111

A big thank-you from me, too.
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littlethings's Avatar
littlethings  littlethings is offline
Goodbye :(
Join Date: 03 May 2010
Location: Here
Posts: 796

All the best to you, Solandia. Thank you for creating this beautiful place
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PeopleWillBeYou  PeopleWillBeYou is offline
Join Date: 05 Sep 2014
Location: Alabama
Posts: 1,380

I've talked an exchanged with alot of nice people here, and I will miss this forum very much. Thank you Solandia for this wonderful forum. I've learned so much here.
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Luxa's Avatar
Luxa  Luxa is offline
Join Date: 12 Apr 2017
Location: Scotland, North Lanarkshire
Posts: 77

Yes, thank you, Solandia! I only joined this year, but I've used this forum for about 4 years.

I agree with others - the openness, friendly, helpful and welcoming atmosphere here reflects so well on the creator and the moderators. So thank you all very much!
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gregory's Avatar
gregory  gregory is offline
Cat on a cold stone roof
Join Date: 01 Jan 2004
Location: The world of the things that could have been.
Posts: 72,249

Thank you Solandia, for everything - but I do wish there were a way to keep this place I cannot thank you without saying that - sorry.
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Apollonia's Avatar
Apollonia  Apollonia is offline
Join Date: 14 Aug 2004
Location: Wisconsin USA
Posts: 2,625

I heartily join in with the chorus! Thank you, Solandia, for this labor of love that you undertook. The advice, information, and encouragement I got from this forum was invaluable. I wish you health, joy, love, luck, and an abundance of all life's good things on your path forward.
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Penthasilia's Avatar
Penthasilia  Penthasilia is offline
Join Date: 08 Jun 2010
Location: Ohio USA
Posts: 4,304

You have provided so much for us- thank you for creating this amazing and thriving community. It will be sorely missed.
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