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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE

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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step One: Golden Tarot XIX The Sun


Golden Tarot: XIX The Sun

I also drew 8 of swords and 4 of cups (as the first 2 cards), all 3 cards represent the phase I'm in now (dealing with all kinds of negative/old/unproductive patterns and struggles, and working towards the light so to speak...) and chose to focus on the light.
At the top of the card (following the original Rider Waite very closely) is a sun with a face. It's yellow with a golden intricate border and 19 wholy visible golden beams. The sun doesn't look too happy, she has more of a neutral or a bit contemplative/serious look on her face...
A very soft blue sky in the background with clouds, a wall borderded with plants and 8 little red flowers (8 for me indicating hard work), in the front a white horse coming towards you, with a child on it. The child has curly red blondish hair, dark eyes, wears a sheer white veil that flows across the card and has a red hat with 3 golden circles and three feathers (gold/yellow, blue, red). The horse wears a blue cloth and brittle, with gold trims and four golden medaillons in the form of a sun. The kid looks somewhat happier than the sun, but has a very mature look on it's face, like a wise kid who has seen things.
As for now, to me the sun signifies entering a lighter period after a troubled or somewhat dark period. There are two sayings here in The Netherlands I relate to this card: 'After rain comes sunshine' and 'the sun always shines behind the clouds' (difficult periods will always be followed by happy ones, and you can always find something good in every situation). I KNOW this card has to do with radiance etc, but I don't really relate 'blinding you' radiance to this card, as of yet (I've had some other decks depicting the sun in a much happier and brighter/more colorul way), I see it like an 80% (or less) radiance, but I know the full potential of this card must be a lot brighter. I'm very curious what new insights I'll gain, and how I'll grow into a happier and of course overwhelmingly radiant being the upcoming period/while studying those steps. Can't hardly wait (the book is on its way)!
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Welcome, welcome.

I loved how you described the card. I'm considering re-doing the Apprentice level rather than going on to Adept, with different cards, so I might be joining you. I just finished the 21st Step, and found the entire experience very enlightening.

But there are still a lot of cards I haven't relearned. And I want to. And I'm trying very hard not to go foward too quickly this time around. This time I want firm foundations.
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good job on your description princess judy, I loved this study group and got so much out of it.

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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step One: Golden Tarot 8 of Coins

Thank you Nicki & Starling!

Since I haven't received the book yet and can't go past step five, but feel like studying the tarot a bit more today, I'll pick another card and just repeat the first four or five steps

Okay, I pulled 8 of coins, which immediately appealed to me (since it is a major theme for me now: I want to get my career of the ground this year) plus 5 of cups and 9 of swords. Unneccesary for me to say that those 'negative' cards are about my 'passive' habits and patterns for NOT making that happen, and I don't want to focus on those, I'd like to focus on constructive things, so picked the 8 of coins (and yes, it's about honest and hard working, and I need to do that a lot this year).

Description: A man is drilling holes in a square piece of wood. Everything's made out of would, the table he's working at, the bench he is sitting on, the windows. There are tools on the table and on the ground, this is a craftsman at work. Through the window you can see a white castle and woods, and on the table there's this very stiff seagull that seems misplaced in this scene.
For picture, see:
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Step One: Nigel Jackson deck, 8 of Swords

A woman kneels on the ground among many sharp jutting rocks. She holds her hands behind her back, but we can't tell whether they are bound there or she just holds them there. There is a rope tied around her waist, but the end of it is not tied to anything. It hangs loosely down her legs. She is also blindfolded. Eight swords hang in a crossed position in the sky above her head.

I drew the Eight of Swords.

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That gave me chills.

Then I went to look at the card using the link provided. I really don't like the looks of that deck. More and more I'm realizing that most decks just don't call to me.
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STEP ONE: Victorian Romantic deck -- KING OF CUPS

There is an old king with a white beard and gold crown sitting at a long table with a golden table cloth. He is dressed in the color of royalty -- purple. There is food and drink on the table and he is surrounded by three people who are smiling and look happy. He has his left hand up in a welcoming gesture and his right hand is grasping a jug of drink.

I have drawn the King of Cups.
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21 Ways - Step 1

Step One: Cosmic Tarot, 4 of Pentacles

I'm not really a fan of this card, but it's definitely an interesting card in the Cosmic deck. The card has two figures in it. There is a woman and man sitting in what seems to be an office. The man is wearing an expensive and regal looking suit. He is facing the card but he is looking off to his left. Behind him are the 4 pentacles on the wall. They seem to be framed as a diploma would be. Just beyond in the window to the side of the man is a nice home and some countryside. Expensive looking items are scattered around the room.

The woman in the picture is seated away from the card, but she has her head turned so you can see her profile. She is looking down and to the left. She seems sad or a little lost.

My first impression is that this woman is in a counseling session, but the man doesn't seem like a counselor to me. He doesn't give off an air of comfort and caring. He seems clinical and factual.

It's strange, I've always seen this card through the eyes of the woman...focusing on her, but now I figure he is probably the main figure of the card (seems kinna obvious now! lol) He looks like a miser in regards to emotions and feelings. Before, I could never quite get how this card fits with the typical vibe of the 4 of Pents.

..If it's not a counseling session, it may be a father and daughter. The father is wealthy and emotionally distant. The daughter is going through a hard time and has come to ask for help or support.
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step One: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

A while back, I started this study without having received my book yet and picked The Sun, but now I've received my book and want to start over.
I drew three cards from Kat Black's Golden Tarot, in this order:
- Ten of coins
- Queen of Wands
- XVIII The Moon

Ten of Coins is about succes in my career, something I'd like to focus on this year. The Queen of Wands is about going for it, being confident, creative and energetic, and how to channel all that creative energy and The Moon is about the fears I have in regard to my career, skills and knowledge.
I didn't want to focus on The Moon card, it's kind of gloomy and grey, the Queen of Wands really intrigued me (since I have a hard time conducting my energy), also because of the deep red and golden tones, but the Ten of Coins, although I'm very familiar with this card, has more people and a lot of detail on it, so eventually I picked that one. It has people on it, doing different things, and it's a rather peaceful and relaxed looking card. Giving lots of different things a place in my career/life, in a very satisfying, balanced and relaxed manner, is also a big theme for me right now, so although that Queen intrigues me, my choice will be Ten of Coins, and I'm sure I'll learn the things I need to know about whatever is important for me to know at the moment.

Here's the link:
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Thanks for providing that link to your deck, Princess Judy! Great card, btw...this version of the 10 of coins seems to give the many faces/hats you (may) wear, and wow! Wonderful to have you back with this 10
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