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Print-on-Demand card decks?

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Print-on-Demand card decks?

Companies such as Booksurge or Lightning Source have a system whereby books can be printed one at a time. Many publishers use these systems when they don't want to pay for large print runs of a book, and don't want to store inventory. In fact many books you see in bookshops these days are POD, not offset (traditional) run.

So, my question: has anyone ever come across a printer who does decks of cards on a POD basis?
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Talking A cheaper option perhaps?...

I'm new to AT btw. Anyway, you could try going to your average high street print-shop. I'm in UK, and in town there's a commercial print-shop who do business cards, posters, flyers, postcards etc. Somewhere like that may be able to help, and may cost less than a publisher.

Good luck anyway!
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Thanks for asking this question...just last night I was surfing for exactly that...a print-on-demand publisher for card decks....I haven't found any yet...but if I do I'll certainly post my findings...

Anyone else know of any?
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I've only heard of it for books, not artwork. But it's an interesting thing to think on.
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i've been searching for the same thing - someone who will print single or short runs of a deck.

i haven't found a source yet, but my searches have been the closest when focusing on game manufacturers. i hate to think of tarot decks as games, but many games use custom decks of cards.

i used to sell card games, and have worked with a publisher of card games. perhaps they could point you in the right direction. if you'd like their information PM me. i will eventually get around to contacting them, but it might be a while before i have the "follow-through" to do it.

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Question an idea....maybe...

i havent heard of any, ever, that did cards, so i devised my own little master plan to over come this process...its definitally for people who like arts and crafts, more craft than art though...

what you do is get glossy paper. then print it out directly in the center..flip it over, and print the back of the card directly in the center as well (that way the top of the card is lined up with the bottom on opposite sides of the paper. do this for all the cards. then take it to Kinkos, or a library and have them laminate it. its a little thicker, but if you cant find anyone who prints card decks, then do it yourself
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Resident are suggesting they will be offering Tarot cards by POD shortly via 'onebookshelf' - https://onebookshelfpublisherservice...-Formats-Costs

I asked them about time scales in October 2015 and they suggested some time around Christmas 2015.

When they do get this up and running (it still does not seem to be yet) they indicated it would not include booklets (they have a separate pdf and POD service for game books they indicated could be used) but would probably have a pack or deck box available.
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just checked it. they're still saying "available early 2016"
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Aster Breo 

Originally Posted by dminoz View Post
has anyone ever come across a printer who does decks of cards on a POD basis?
Isn't that what Printer's Studio ( and Game Crafters ( do?

Or maybe I'm not understanding your question.
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the one site even gives you a template so you know where to keep your art in so as not to loose it cuz its too big for the card. i would like to make a deck one day. and this is good to know!
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