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Three of Pentacles - Nightgown!?

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Originally Posted by Fulgour
I see it this way, where the workman knows his job, but these two guys show up offering him unwanted, uneeded, and actually worthless advice. The workman is there for just a few finishing touches ~ he's even only just pulled up a bench to stand on, when here comes Brother Doodle and his frisky friend Binky. Neither of these guys knows squat about a blueprint, but here they are bugging this guy. Does he care, does he even step down to listen? No, staring down at them, with hammer poised in mid-air he waits for them to finish kibbitzing so he can do just exactly what he has intended to do all along.
As a public school teacher, Fulgour, your assessment of this card his very close to home!

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Yes, I agree with all of you. Notice how the worker is on a higher level than the other two! And the other two at quick glance, may come across as the "professionals" (chuckle).

This card strikes a bit of a chord with me - I'm a secretary and I recently worked for a team of architects. They were the rudest, most critical bunch of people I have ever worked for and believe me; I've worked for "top City lawyers" who at times, could be "screamers". Around the time I worked at the arhitect's office, I kept drawing this card and thinking it was good for my career. It's only now I look back and see the true significance. I also know that throughout all their rudeness - I was doing a good job!!
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But the bodacious design

Any thoughts on the color choice for the gown and liripipe?
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I feel different

I feel the opposite. He is building for them so they have every right to be noisy. The fact that they are looking up to him means they value his opinion. All the cards are connected and this is the stage where hard work is finally getting recognized so he hasn't earned master title yet. The three also represents a triangle so there connection may be working together instead of apart.
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I would be hesitant to read too much into this card. The Decan of this card is Mars in Capricorn, and the Decan title is Material Works. There are three people (three Pentacles) conferring on the design under consideration. I don't see evidence of any conflict or antagonism between them.

Waite may have had in mind the building of Solomon's Temple, portraying an artisan, a priest, and the architect Hiram Abiff. However, he seems to have avoided overt Masonic imagery, although Masonic themes abound. especially in the Minors.
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