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reading at the dryden fall fair 2010.

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reading at the dryden fall fair 2010.

this is an recount of the events as it was in august 22,23.

a lot of heehaw on my part, (many may know I am a big procrastioner) and delibration it came down to the last moment that I decided to read at the dryden fall fair in my area of ontario. now for people who may only of heard of dryden because chris pronger came from here,, it is called a city but only because it merged the local areas to become so.
my point is it that it is a small town really example most everything closes down by 5 pm except for walmart.

the cost of being in a big booth on the inner ring where you would problay make the most money would be a great deal of money for me, so we went into the building and the cost for the weekend was 166 dollars.
that was an important consideration for if i only made that , that would go back to the dryden fair and all i had was the experience.
still my mom told me even if you don't make a profit you will make a name for yourself.

another key point was that I was told by everyone "don't you know the
fair already has a tarot reader every year ". so i spent a month wondering what if I end up overcharging ? or not charging enough ?
or worst someone coming back to me and saying she or he had a reading from us both and i shouldn't even be reading cards. !!

which may surpise you but even after reading here off and on since 2002, and reading at the eagle lake pow wow 3 years ago,, this is a big differnce for i was going out of my comfort zone. and after all this time i will probaly get nervous til the day i pass on whenever that is.

it will probaly be one I will remember for the rest of my life for I went to the funeral of a distant great aunty who we were close when i was young but we grew apart as i become myself in my teen years.
still I was still sad at the passing , sometimes sad for we didnt' have what we used to have, and also smiling at the memories of some of the things we did when i was young.

so it is with 3 hours sleep i went to the funeral and i didn't bring in any cards with me in the car for i was told by my mom "they want us there to set up on thursday" so set up means to me to get things ready for the next day.
so on the way after the funeral my mom asked me "what cards did you bring " and i was like stunned , umm none.
so after some debate of what we should do, i was tired but i had that 166 dollar price tag over my head.. so we drove back grab some cards and there we went.

i only made 50 dollars that night and nothing really exceptional stood out as it was a blurry day in my memory. i was just glad it was over.

the second day i went there at 1 and stayed to 10 and i forgot how much i made in fact. but here is something that stood out. elder lady came by and asked how to open up her third eye .

2. I was asked what is my lineage and i asked what do you mean "?
an another elder lady asked "are you the 7 seventh son of the seventh son ",
and i said "nay i am just me, a person who read the tarot ", and she said ok and left.

3. a teacher who i knew for some years said "that is like ouja " and back up ten feet before heading off,, he may of been teasing but with classes i took in school and in the community in a diffent way and we how we talked,, i was still hurt a tiny bit.

the third day , which was the last day..

4. a person came there with glasses on and asked about her relationship and i told her about how the tarot was inspiring to be strong for her daughter so she can be strong in her own life.. and she said i helped her think things through.

5. someone else who read the tarot came by and picked up some of my decks (i encourage people to look at them as to break down barriers over the years that i will be reading ) said as they picked up the bohemthian gothic tarot deck "this deck is so negative ".
i just smiled and wondered what they studied and such.

6. another person came by and said he was reading for 30 years but he doesn't do it for money and only reads for friends. and that he doens't do cold reading techiques. (which could imply he thought i was doing them perhaps " he wanted me to tell the clients to shut up and be quiet, no one is allowed to talk when he reads.
i just nodded.

7. a confusing reading only happend once, a person pulled out 8 out of 10 major arcana cards and I told him he was going to influence the world and he has a big spiritual/ turning point coming ahead. it spoke to all the future and i just know he was going to have an amazing time ahead. or rather interesting times.

the rest of the times it was good, i was reading this person and she had her whole family around her as i read and they were just amazed ,, at first they were laughing but towards the end they were like "i tell you that all the time ".

i think my favourite memory was a person i used to go to highschool with , was sitting down for a reading i did for another person i used to go to highschool with and she said "it is scary listening to your reading for how truthful it is " and she just had hers done.

regarding talking from the clients, sometimes they just have to share that i dont' know how i can tell them to be quiet like that other person said. i think we just have our own styles.

mine style is i look at a tarot card and say what it means and ask if it means something to them which is usally on the head,, i need that validation to move on to the next card .
also I ask if the readings make sense before they leave as i want them to feel happy.

oh yes , another memory is a young person was asking for a reading so i sent the boyfriend away, and she asked why..
and i said because this card here and there means that you have a deep soul connection, like ti is the closest you come to soul mates.
i forget which cards they were,, possibly lovers and 2 of cups. or six of cups and lovers, but i felt the deep soul love there.
that is the one thing i do is there is a relationship i ask the partner to go away when something pertaining to the relationship comes up.

no one took the 40 card readings of the celtic cross or the innerchild reading. some took the 30 dollar 7 card reading but the favourite was the chakra spread , a nice general spread as people at least at this fair just wanted the experience and not to know something specific.

i did cover the 166 dolalrs and made 300 in extra and gave 50 to my family for driving me there every day.
and i look forward to next years.

edited to add
it turned out i was the only tarot reader there as well, so that worked out but probaly the tarot reader will be back so i most likely have competition next year.

there was a picture or two taken that i posted on my facebook but i dont' know how to post in here on the forum.
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