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The Business OF Crystals

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The Business OF Crystals

Here's an interesting article about how business people are using (and selling) crystals and crystal grids. It appears to be quite lucrative for some folks

[]Is There A Crystal Bubble?[/url]
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Thanks for posting that, CrystalSeas! Fascinating. I don't believe it is a placebo effect, though - I have felt some mighty strange stuff with my rocks! Not the kinds of things I could just make up.

My one concern is they will eventually remove every single crystal from the earth's interior. I mean, what if they are like the quartz chip inside a computer? What if removing them all kills the planet in some way?

I love crystals, I have many small crystal allies, but not too much, and not pricey; they kind of stuff that gets found on top of the earth's crust, primarily. But I guess that makes me guilty of collecting, too.

However, it just seems wrong to be ripping it all out of the earth, for money, and for collectors. It's just so sad that humans continuously, and seemingly wantonly, rape the planet for profit of the all-mighty buck. Sickening. And short-sighted.

I am torn :/ and I feel perhaps it is time for me to stop acquiring them!
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Citizen money always money and showing off!

I personally love minerals in general and I have some interest in lithotherapy as well.

For ethical reasons I already stopped purchasing minerals that are coming from potentially problematic sources (essentially many places in Asia, Africa and South America). I try to buy local or secondhand.

But I also discovered a passion for rockhounding and beachcombing. Minerals you find this way might not be as 'pure' and 'precious' in money value, but they certainly hold an even greater power!
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Originally Posted by Onaorkal View Post
For ethical reasons I already stopped purchasing minerals that are coming from potentially problematic sources (essentially many places in Asia, Africa and South America). I try to buy local or secondhand.
I stopped buying from those sources also. Years ago I purchased a large very angry quartz crystal from China. I couldn't stand having the crystal in my house and so gifted it to my sister. She called me when she received it in the mail and asked why I had sent her such an angry crystal. She put the crystal at the base of a vine plant she had growing in her house. The vine wrapped itself around the stone and eventually healed it. My psychic vibes told me that many people suffered mining that stone and others, along with Mother Earth. I was new to crystals then and didn't understand till years later what the impact of mining crystals was for both the Earth and exploited persons.
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Fascinating article - thanks for posting it. I'm with Padma about robbing the earth's center for profit...doesn't seem like it should be allowed but the almighty dollar seems to speak louder than common sense sometimes!

I personally fell into the power of crystals in the early 90's when I unknowingly bought a house with a LOT of spirit energy. At first I couldn't explain my need to purchase the stones I did (or the reason why I slept with the various stones under my pillow and around me in bed) - but I can say they made me feel grounded and safe. After I moved away from that home, I also sold the stones as I didn't want any connection with the prior home's energy to go with me. Since then I've begun collecting various stones again but am wanting to know more about using them for healings. Does anyone have any recommendations on good classes or workshops for crystal healings?
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Great article. Thanks for posting it. I've had to come to terms with my obsession for crystals in light of how damaging it is for the earth itself. Crystals are part of my self-care, and I need them to stay functional. But I don't want my self care to come at such a high price.
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