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Alchemical Study Group - Knight of Swords

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Alchemical Study Group - Knight of Swords

In this card we see an armoured knight with his sword raised and a shield with a Lion on it. He stands above a purple beast who faces him. In front of the beast are human bones.

If you see the knights as being represented by air then this card is double air - so lots of mental energy. In the book place talks about the card representing decisiveness, positive-thinking and bravery. It also warns of being too impetuous and rushing into things with extreme force.

I think we see here a person who is prepared to fight for what they deem important. Willing to stand up for their beliefs (fight for their ideas and ideals, represented by the air of swords, and perhaps the air of Knights too). The lion on the shield seem an obvious representation for bravery.

I wonder what the significance of the colouring of the beast is? I think of this colour, violet, as being linked to the 7th Chakra and perhaps spiritual energy. I wonder how that fits in with this cards meaning? The beast seems to surround the knight but he seems undisturbed. He seems confident and preapred to stand up for his beliefs. Maybe the human bones are a warning of what is at stake if you give up your ideals!
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My View: Earth of Air

In my way of looking at the court card elemental designations Earth can be seen by the wingless dragon. Unlike Air of Earth (Lady of Coins) he is dealing with this confusion by confronting it.

You can make, a convoluted claim, that this could be like the wingless dragon eating the tail of the winged dragon who is eating the tail of the wingless dragon.
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(from the book)

A courageous knight with an upraised sword and a lion shield slays a beast. The bones in the foreground suggest that the beast has lived on human flesh. The knight is a hero.

Tarot wisdom: You exhibit positive thinking and bravery, and take action to end your troubles. The card points to decisiveness--you know what you are doing. On the other hand, it might mean you are impetuousness, someone who knows only how to confront things head-on, regardless of the wisdom of that. Remember that a hero is measured by the villainousness of his foe. The slaying here reminds you that extreme action is only called for in extreme circumstances.
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Violet beast

Regarding the violet color:
I wonder what the significance of the colouring of the beast is? I think of this colour, violet, as being linked to the 7th Chakra and perhaps spiritual energy.

My thought is is is the color of the suit of swords or mental energy. I have the Renewed Alchemical Tarot but all the names of the Swords are in lavender at the bottom of the card and probably is representative of the suit.
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