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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SIX

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Step SIX~Vampyres~The Empress

Activity 6-1
** Select one, two or three keywords or phrases that express the qualities of EACH SUIT in your deck.
** Which SUIT/ELEMENT keywords best express the qualities of our chosen card?

Scepters (Wands):passion, initiation
Element: FIRE; a lot of fire and pure fire in most cards

Grails (Cups) :emotions, love, music (a lot of listening going on here, eg. in three, five, six, seven..)
Element: WATER ; but in this suit also FIRE

Knives (Swords): challenge, will, seduction of danger
Element: AIR; also FIRE in its intensity, WATER in the flowing and waiting and in the listening attitude of the characters

Skulls (Pentacles): mastery and skill, focus
Element: EARTH

Actually all suits seem to have something of each element: There is an intensity and passion (Fire) present in all suits. All suits also have characters who are quietly listening to some mysterious music of the Spheres or maybe some inner voices (Water). Earth and Air can also be found in all suits as focus, mastery and wit.

Activity 6-2
** Examine each of the four MODES and select one, two or three keywords that speak to you in a reading. (Note that Mary Greer is referring here to the use of the card relative to a reading, not for study, not for analysis, not for comparing).

Are you nurturing the right things in life? Do you need to pause and tune your ears? Is there sadness that needs to be acknowledged and loved so that it can be healed and integrated back into your psyche?

** Separate your deck into the four modes. From which does the chosen card (The Empress) come? What does that suggest about it's significance?

The Empress looks most at home in the Grails suit (Cups). She and her apples are the same color (green) as the Grails and there is a lot of feeling and listening and music in her. She also looks a lot like the Daughter of the Grails.
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21 Ways - Step Six

Step SIX - Dark Carnival Tarot, The Hierophant

I thought this would take me forever but everything seemed to come so naturally after I looked through the cards! The imagery is sometimes disturbing but it's very direct and powerful.

6-1-1. Keywords/elements for each suit in the deck
Gats (Wands) - Fire
Risk, energy, daring.

Faygos (Cups) - Water
Relationships, nourishment, inner processes.

Axes (Swords) - Air
Strategy, struggle, cunning.

Duckets (Pentacles) - Earth
Actualization, rewards for accomplishment, craftsmanship.

6-1-2. Which suit/element best expresses my chosen card?
At least in this image, definitely Air. The Ringmaster is cunning and always has a strategy (a literal ace up his sleeve), while the clowns seem to be struggling to figure out their roles. There's a lot of smoke filling the card, the colors and the shape of the swirls are exactly how the artist illustrates the element of Air in the Axes suit.

6-2-1. Keywords for each mode in the deck
Court Cards
From the book: Who? An energy personified; style of acting or attitude. My ideas: An aspect of your personality; personality traits to enhance or avoid.

Minor Arcana
From the book: What? Actions; what is going on. My ideas: Day-to-day life, immediate events/situations, short-term.

Major Arcana
From the book: Why? Archetypal energies; a lesson to be learned. My ideas: Spiritual life, big picture, overarching themes, long-term.

From the book: Where? Elemental energy; new opportunities. My ideas: Birthing pangs; struggle for new life; overwhelming ideas.

6-2-2. What mode is my chosen card from, and what does that indicate about its significance?

Major Arcana - this card is very significant in a reading because it represents an overarching idea or theme that affects the "big picture" of a person's whole life. It's directed inward and requires deeper contemplation to understand its greater complexity and resonance. The Ringmaster is pretty scary-looking but he is also a powerful, even all-knowing figure with much to teach those who aren't afraid to face new ideas that may take them out of their comfort zone. The clowns are about duality, like the two halves of the brain that function differently but need to work together for a person to be fully integrated into their life and connect the outer world to the inner.
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21 Ways -- Step Six

Step SIX: Sirian Starseed, Master of Orbs.

6.1a: Elements & keywords for each suit:

Flames (Wands) - Gleaming gold Olympic style torches with flames blazing from the tops - Fire.
Energy, action, spiritual growth.

Chalices (Cups) - Sparkling silvet goblets with gold stems - Water.
Feelings, dreams, intuition.

Orbs (Swords) - Floating globes, sometimes bright or iridescent, sometimes dull or opaque - Air.
Thought, conflicts, integration.

Crystals (Pentacles) - Solid, heavy, mainly transparent and faceted crystals - Earth.
Security, sensation, manifestation.

6.1b: Suit/element for the Master of Orbs:
Orbs/Air in terms of the analytical and critical thought, also what appears to be a conflict although this may be with his Water feelings. He also appears to possess some of the Earth security in his position.

6.2a: Keywords for each mode:

Court Cards
A person, an aspect of personality, an energy personified.

Number Cards
The situation, life events, terrestrial phenomena.

Major Arcana
Archetypal energies, lessons, celestial causes.

New opportunities, elemental energy, realm of greatest potential.

6.2b: The Master of Orbs comes from the Court Cards and appears to be an aspect of personality - the concentrated mind focussed on analysing and criticising its object while ignoring distractions such as feelings and intuitions.
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21 Ways: Step Six

Step SIX: Radiant Rider-Waite, Six of Cups

6-1 (a)

Fire: enthusiasm, creativity, action
Water: pleasure, moods
Air: understanding, problem-solving
Earth: manifestation, sensation

Fire: desire, optimism
Water: heart, joy, intuition
Air: reason, wit
Earth: self-worth, instincts

Fire: new ideas, perception
Water: reflection, gestation
Air: thought, communication, conflict
Earth: realistic, practical

Fire: projects, business, status
Water: nourishment, dreams
Air: plans, problem-solving
Earth: security, money, results

6-1 (b)

Six of Cups
Water: affection, relationships, empathy

6-2 (a)

Court: of the person, or a character trait
Number: of a situation
Major Arcana: of the cause, an energy
Aces: of potential, of new energy

6-2 (b)

The Six of Cups comes from the Number Cards. It suggests a situation; the “what”, and “what”'s effects.
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Tarot of the Cat People
8 of Cups
1. A) Cups: emotions, desires, water
Swords: thoughts, speech, fire
Wands: actions, projects, air
Pentacles: achievements, wealth, earth
Majors: guidance, divine, spirit

B) cups: emotions, desires, water

2. A) Majors: guidance, divine, spirit
Courts: who, how, where
Minors: details, situations, events
Aces: beginnings, elements, rituals

B) My card is from the minors. It suggests the details of a given situation or event.
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21 Ways: Step Six

Illuminated Tarot
Eight of Cups

6.1: Suits/Elements

Swords (Air): Intellect, leadership, struggle
Wands (Fire): Creativity, initiation, enthusiasm
Pentacles (Earth): Fruition, centeredness, skill/craftsmanship
Cups (Water): Emotions, pleasure, the unconscious

Eight of Cups: sorrow, reflection, gestation

6.2: Modes

Court Cards (Who?): A specific person, social roles, messages
Numbers (What?): A specific situation, life events, actions
Majors (Why?): Lessons, Archetypal energies, psychospiritual needs
Aces (Where?): Opportunities, sphere of greatest potential, elemental energies

Eight of Cups: A number, or "what" card, describing current events and giving insight into a present life situation.
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21ways - step 6

legacy deck - king of cups

keywords for element/suit

*fire: passion, enthusiasm, loyal
*water: fierce, unreal, power
*earth: royal, proud, loyal
*air: royal, power, leader

*fire: unreal, emotion, friendship
*water: romance, love, family
*earth: poetry, magical, gentle
*air: emotion, control, flexible

*fire: dangerous, energy, power
*water: cold, fast mind, indenpent
*earth: ready, strong, cold
*air: fair, logical, authority

*fire: royal, mystery, endurance
*water: smart, beauty, caring
*earth: proud, wealthy, modest
*air: strong, firm, wealthy

my king of cups suits best with cups/air as king of cups has to control his emotions to fit situations - flexible emotions

in reading, koc is controling someone's emotions to fit environments and to not overdo or drama-making
koc is caring, advice giving, teaching
koc is also strict just a little bit, enough to keep things stable and fine.

koc is a family father to me
he has love for his family, for his wife, for his kids but still be hard enough to raise them well and keep home safe
he has love but dont show it by words
he is master of controling emotions to not show his weak side. that's because he is a man of that family, he aint allowed to be weak
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Russian Tarot osp - 10 of Cups

I do not own the book, in parts I have to skip this lesson.

water: romance, love, family
Numbers (What?): A specific situation, life events, actions
The 10 of Cups refers to a specific situation in life, referring to family matters, romance and love.
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Wands: Energy, action, enthusiasm.
Cups: Feelings, inner processes, relationships.
Swords: Wit, conflicts, reason.
Pentacles: ambition, money, the physical and material.

My Card is The Judgement. I am actually conflicted between Air and Fire. Air, because Judgement requires reason and wit, and it is in itself a conflict (the one being judged probably would like to have a say in their judgement). But it's also Fire, because this Judgement is not a legal matter, like at a courthouse, when you can defend yourself or something. The consequences of your actions will hit you, like unstoppable fire. There is action and a lot of energy in this card.

Court Cards: An actual person or job, an aspect of the personality, a way of relating to others.
Minor Arcana: Life events. Actions. Situations.
Major Arcana: Lesson to be learned. Archetypal energies. The cause.
Aces: Beginnings. Realms or energy.

Judgement is part of the Major Arcana Cards. The Major Arcana cards are the "why", the causes of events, the lessons to be learned and the archetypal energies at work in life. It fits really well with Judgement, which is a great part of everyone's life, for good or ill. Judgement is someone we all must learn, and it's someone we are all subjected to.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step SIX - Steampink (Moore) - 5 of Wands

Wands (fire) are about inspiration, enthusiasm, and action
Cups (water) are about emotions and relationships
Swords (air) are about conflict, thoughts, and communication
Pentacles (earth) are about security, fruition, and the material realm

My card is in the suit of wands, but I feel the swords keywords fit this particular image best. There's definitely conflict, and it seems to stem from or involve a lack of communication.

Courts are about personalities and attitudes
Numbers are about events and actions
Majors are about energies and lessons
Aces are about potential

My card is from the numbers mode. This suggests that when it appears in a reading it refers to events that are happening or actions that are being taken.
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