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OOAK Hand Drawn Lenormand Decks

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Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post
Designs to me are the images like for Scythe, Child, House etc.

The colors change not the actual designs themselves.
Ah, okay I gotcha now. You're talking about the actual artwork itself. I truly don't mean to sound rude when I say this but 'hell no' LOL. I am not about to come up with completely different designs as well as backgrounds and fronts for every deck - do you know how much creative juices that would use up? I mean, I would consider it if someone wanted to pay me hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a truly OOAK deck just for them - I'm talking 500-1k or more and paid up front. And I'm thinking that's pretty cheap too. In my graphic design I charge 50% up front for any job and that's just standard.

I have absolutely NOTHING against mass produced decks from artwork or even completely computer generated artwork decks (I am a graphic designer by trade so no argument from me there) but I also truly believe there is something else, something 'special' about hand drawn OOAK decks with wobbly lines, paint smudges and all. The time, the intent, all that energy gets poured into each deck individually and I think there's something magical about that... even if the artwork stays the same, it's not truly a carbon copy, every one has it's variations - do you know what I mean?

I hope this didn't come across as snotty because that wasn't my intention at all. I just can't fathom pumping out totally unique OOAK decks without commissions first.
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Originally Posted by JuniperPress View Post
hi reall What do you mean by skip drawing edges? Thanks for the auction style tip - just have to find a venue now for that. As for the ink and sparkles, on my decks - no they don't come off. I mean if really WANTED to, you could pry off the glitter chunks but otherwise they stay pretty well put. If you put a couple coats of sealer over the glitter it should be good but it's also good to do your own testing and fiddling about. It's the same with the inks. I really can't say because it varies from what pens or inks/brushes you use as well as the paper and sealers etc. There are a lot of variables. Even with my silver and gold pens, each one is different to how it reacts so I test them all in various ways. It's sort of fun playing around but it's also time consuming. I can't wait to see yours and see what you come up with!

And thanks so much for the comment on my art. They are just really simple line art but it's the simplicity of them that is nice for me and the easy readability.
) I mean that lines/borders? I watched some video titled HOW NOT TO MAKE YOUR DECK and it say profesional lenormand readers prefer simple images that are easy to recognize from glance (you got here!) so stick to that!) no need to change it! how many way is there to draw a clover anyway!^^ lolz )) and neutral background i.e to look like all these images are spread over cloth?) so you don't need borders to divide them!) just idea to make it easy to paint and blend in reading?!^^ lolz ) but these are beautiful as well and look like traditional deck with metalic border!^^ ))

p.s so happy to hear all sparkles stay on deck!^^ YeY!^^ LOLZ )) lookinforward to test it on my summer vacation!XD ))))))
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All the zippyshare files are expired. Do you have pics elsewhere?
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What does OOAK stand for?
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
What does OOAK stand for?
One Of A Kind.
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