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Sweet Twilight-Ace of Chalices

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I haven't had this card in a reading yet so coming to it fresh.

She's sad but I think her heart is about to be reawakened by the dove. She thought she'd had it with becoming emotionally involved with anyone or anything again, but at that low point it's all about to start again.

Endings are also beginnings. Getting involved brngs happiness and also potential pain: if you don't ever feel one then you can't recognise the other. It's linked.
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The skull is the beginning and the end...
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anais nin said: there came a time when it became more painful to stay in the bud than to blossom.

somehow, this comes to mind with this card.
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Originally Posted by
anais nin said: there came a time when it became more painful to stay in the bud than to blossom.

somehow, this comes to mind with this card.
OOO, I like that.
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Originally Posted by EightWands
My story for her is basically the dove does bring hope, only in her mind she feels there isn't any hope and she doesn't see the dove. Maybe she is too self absorbed in her own emotions, or overwhelmed. You know like when you first fall in love with someone and maybe they are all that exists in your world and then you might tend to get a bit angsty or obsessive and maybe jealous and "blind" so you miss that little pink dove of hope who tells you to go with the flow and let the new relationship develop. Since her face is turned away from it, it's as though it's not there. So "no hope".

Thats what comes to me anyway, seeing as this is a deck that deals alot with emotions and "angst".

So if I get this card in a reading, I am reminded there is hope but I need to open my eyes to it.
Exactly my thoughts.
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I've gotten this card in a few of my readings for myself. I think it shows a woman in a cup of her own tears on a very small island in the middle of the ocean. Sometimes our grief feels like an island unto itself. The skull feels like the end of something. Maybe it was a relationship? Maybe it was the end of a painful chapter in her life?

The dove flies over to her, but she hasn't even noticed it. She's too busy being caught up in her own pain to even see it flying toward her. The dove is a beacon of hope. It's a sign that her suffering will end.

When I see this card, I think: "This too shall pass."
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I don't think she looks sad at all. I don't see any tears. To me she just looks innocent and like a shy virgin who is just awakening to her own sexuality and womanly emotions. She looks expectant but maybe a little fearful or maybe she's even giving a coy, flirting glance at a man who is standing on the beach looking at her in her sheer gown. It looks to me as if the goblet is on the sand with waves just licking up around it and there's a bit of land off to the right side of the card behind the goblet.
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