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Alien Tarot – The Upper Arcana

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Metacog Gargoyle  Metacog Gargoyle is offline
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Metacog Gargoyle 
Alien Tarot – The Upper Arcana

Greetings fellow members,

Upon joining this wonderfully educational forum, I posted a bit about a class that I’m leading (see below) over in the "New Members" thread.

After a few student/artists enrolled in the course chimed it, Hemera, the artistic & cool moderator, suggested the conversation be moved over to this "Tarot Deck Creation” section — so here we are.

Below -- my original introduction:

My interest in the Tarot arrived full-blown (quite out of nowhere) one Saturday morning a decade ago. Until that day, though I had seen the 78 on late night television (usually the Death or Devil card), I’d never encountered an actual physical deck, never seen one with my own eyes — or held a single physical card – in my life.

That day (for whatever unknown reason) I bought a Rider-Waite deck and a copy of “Tarot for Dummies” by Amber Jayanti at a local bookshop – and so it all began.

Jump forward to today and my appreciation of the complex, wondrous, and informative Tarot continues to evolve and expand (and yes, I’ve been lurking and learning here at Aeclectic Tarot for a number of years).

For the past three years, I have been teaching art and design at a great university in the East – and this fall, as part of a prestigious honors studio for high caliber students, I have the grand opportunity of leading/guiding eight bright and divinely talented students on a journey of artistic discovery -- and what, you might ask, is the theme of this undertaking?

It is: Alien Tarot – The Upper Arcana

It is my hope that all these gifted young women will join this forum to present work and share about what transpires.

Stay tuned – and it’s truly great to be here.

Metacog Gargoyle
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ClockworkHawkmoth  ClockworkHawkmoth is offline
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Cool nice

Hello again everyone!

As I said before, I'm one of Metacog Gargoyle's disciples on this project, and I'm super stoked to see what comes out of it!
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Interesting, I look forward to seeing the creation process of this deck.
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