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Hanson Roberts - 1 The Magician

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Lurea  Lurea is offline
Join Date: 04 Nov 2004
Location: USA
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I love the sentence in the LWB that says: "This dual sign suggests that all creation on earth is derived from above."

The magician is the 'mind over matter' poster boy!

I've read some posters say that they sometimes read the Magician as the trickster--an unreliable person in the querent's life. Have ya'll found that to happen frequently?
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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Hi. I hope you don't mind if I jump in sometimes. Hanson-Roberts was my first deck (over 10 years ago) and it is still my "visualization deck." Quick, what does the Magician card look like? And there he is, bare chest and all!

I second Tarotlova. I always read that the Magician means "the will," but I never can really understand such an abstract concept. When I interpret it/him in a reading, I say "this is a person who gets things done and makes things happen in the world." My personal keyword is "competence and confidence."

The meaning of the pointing to the sky and earth is summarized in the magical saying, "As above, so below." This not only brings in the relation of creator to creation at the time of creation and in the present, but also brings in the idea of macrocosm=microcosm. "To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower." (My apologies to Wordsworth if I got the quote wrong! The dubious benefits of an English major so many years ago!)

Great group! I will visit often.
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On a personal level, when I'm doing a reading strictly for myself and being a Wiccan and also practicing the "Craft"...when ever he appears it's usually when I've been doing spellwork and it basically tells me, in its own Tarotish way, if I've been good or tells me or acknowledges my spellwork and if it's had a postive affect or a negative one. That's a different look on the "Magician" from a personal aspect.
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Lurea  Lurea is offline
Join Date: 04 Nov 2004
Location: USA
Posts: 1,244

WhiteRaven, so it's the cards around the Magician that tell you the effect of your spellwork? (the ten of swords means you were a bad girl, right?)

Thanks, rachelcat and WR! It's nice to get a few personal perspectives.
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The chain and medallion on the Magician's chest look more to me like they're holding the top of the shirt from falling off his shoulders than that it's a necklace. If you look, the chain goes more from shoulder-to-shoulder and not around his neck.
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Ann Yu 

The bare chest - I think he's got nothing to hide. What he has is ... "him". And that "him" is very talented. It may be understood that his talent can be seen by anyone, it's too obvious, too clear that we don't need to have any comment.
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This was my first deck too. is it ok to post and join in?
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believer in magic
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Hi Lunafae,

Yes it's fine to just join in.
I've sent you a PM

Welcome to Tarot Study Groups
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The first post commented on the proportions of his arms; OK, this nitpicker will say that it looks a bit to me as if his right hand is slightly forward, which will make the fist look larger and the arm look shorter. (A great trick for an artist to get it all in the frame!)

His expression doesn't look worried to me. He just seems to be lowering his brows to shade himself a bit from the bright light. His gaze seems to be confidently steady.

Where can I get his shirt material for my own use??
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MaxZorr  MaxZorr is offline
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He looks to me that he is ready for anything that iife throwss at him andd he is redy to take on all challegers.

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