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Tell me about your subcollections!

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Permanent Resident of Halloween Town

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I do have subcollections but I don't necessarily buy every deck in these areas, I only buy what I like:

Emma Garner
Will Worthington
Sibilla like oracles
naive art
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Oh, I forgot my Cat and my historical subcollection...
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student of tarot
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student of tarot

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Erotic Decks
Amerigo Folchi
yellow-box Rider Waite
Decks with more than 78 cards
Foreign language sets with companion books that I can't read
Lo Scarabeo

I'm sure there are others, but those come immediately to mind.
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Cat on a cold stone roof

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Lo Scarabeo


Japanese pretties (NOT manga)

Greenie Thoths, until I find one as green as the one I have with a card missing, and another card missing that I gave to someone else because I already had one card missing, as you might say !
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"and you can't make me..."

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I have a lot of sub-category mini-collections. I still have to like the deck to buy it though, even if it falls in one of my "groups".

Amerigo Folchi
Dark and Gothic Decks
Science Fiction/Science
Decks with cars and motorcycles, especially racing vehicles, but not limited to them.
Decks I find humerous
Some Japanese decks, including Manga
Pre 1982 decks
Minchiate and other historical decks with a few Marseilles thrown in.

I have a couple of other illustrators I collect also. Erotic and car decks are mainly for DH - if I can show him some bareness or motorized vehicles he's happy. I have a slightly twisted sense of humor, so what I find funny most people would be going, 'that's not funny!'
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Le Mat
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Le Mat

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My historical decks might be considered a subcollection, but actually I have scant interest in any other than the big three: RWS, Thoth, and historical, not clones thereof.
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Asbestos Mango 

I suppose I have a subcollection of sorts, of Thoth and Golden Dawn based decks. I didn't do it on purpose really, but I have the Thoth, Hermetic, and working its way across the great state of Massachusetts is the Rosetta Tarot, which I think should arrive by tomorrow.
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My sub-collections --

MRP Decks
Ciro Marchetti Decks
Marcia McCord Decks
Lenormand Decks
Brian Williams Decks
Self-published Decks
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My existing sub-collections are as follows (and some decks may appear in more than one):-

a)- a collection of decks by or styled on well-known
b) - cat-decks;
c) - Magic Realist Press decks
d) - decks with gilded images or edges;
e) - Australian decks;
f) - mini-decks,
g) - a collection of Visconti-variants;
h) - decks with the worst cardbacks in the world
(proudly headed by the Blue Moon, the Mind-body-
Spirit version of the 1JJ and the Cary-Yale Visconti;
i) - signed and numbered limited editions;
j) - erotic decks;
k) - naive decks,
l) - historical decks
m) - a number of decks with creative input from
Luigi Scapini,
n) - science-based decks.

In addition to these, I have belatedly noticed that I have had another sub-collection sneak up on me unannounced - a collection of decks by John and/or Caitlin Matthews. I will have to update my profile to reflect this. Gosh, I wonder what letter I'll use to categorise it?
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Embrace your inner squirrel.

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Sub Collections - it is what makes collecting fun!!
  • Cat / Animal decks
  • Lenormand Decks
  • French Decks (French made, French Language)
  • Thoth / Golden Dawn
  • Arthurian / Grail
  • Brian Williams Decks
  • Renaissance
  • Victorian / Romantic
  • Historical
  • Tarot de Marseille
  • Nature / Druid
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