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5 decks to use for a year

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Le Mat
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Le Mat

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Not that I would necessarily use them all, but it would be nice to have convenient access to:

Smith-Waite Centennial
Golden Dawn Temple
Millennium TdM
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Hmmm.... let's see.

Thoth. If I had to take only one, it would be the Thoth. Can't live without that deck.

One deck from the TdM tradition - BDC, Lombardi Danneggiato or Tarot of the Master.

Grail Tarot. For study. I didn't really "get into it" yet but I'd love to. I'd have to take the book along, too, of course.

Blake Tarot. For the same reason. Study, and try to read with it.

Byzantine Tarot. A beautiful tarot with a lot of depth. Again, one of the decks I don't read often enough with. And that's a pity.

So apart from the Thoth, I wouldn't take the decks I use most often (Anna K., Wild Unknown, Botticelli, Dreaming Way, Housewives, PCS Commemorative...), but decks I'd like to get to know better. A year without the other decks would force me to do that.
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This was hard - not because I couldn't choose, but because it made me realise many of the decks I currently own wouldn't make the list.

Two definites, both excellent reading decks and nice to look at too:

Morgan Greer

Then I'm thinking the PCS Centennial and the Daniloff. I don't really read with either but maybe I would when I get sick of the other two.

The fifth one... I don't know. I feel like I need something a bit more soothing and intuitive. I'll have to think about it.
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I think it's great how many people are stalling at the fourth pick. As if in committing to that final one, all of the other wonderful choices are really and truly left behind.

I've become a tarot traveler since I started studying, so the limitation is somewhat familiar. Luckily I don't leave home for more than a week or so at a time. However, if I were leaving for a year.....

1. Light Gray Tarot
2. Linestrider
3. RWS (my centennial is arriving soon, but for now the cheapo yellow box that was my first)
4. Daniloff (a great traveller)
5. (this really is where it gets tough) Mary El
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Smile This is why I love sturdy boxes...

I can bring my cards wherever, whenever, all year round. Plus they fit snugly inside my backpack.

1. RWS Original (my workhorse)
2. Golden Kat Black (my other workhorse and client favorite)
3. Victorian Romantic
4. Wild Unknown
5. Fountain
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Tarot of Elves
Egyptian Tarot
Tarot Of Atlantis
Ancient egyptian tarot
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1. Flornoys Dodal
2. TdM Trieste
3. Prague
4. Sheridan-Douglas
5. Alice

but then, ask me next week and they might change.
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MaeWasteland  MaeWasteland is offline
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Well, if we're only picking from decks we actually own, it's a pretty easy job - I own exactly five decks:

1/ Fey Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)
2/ Wildwood Tarot
3/ Tarot Illuminati
4/ PCS inna tin
5/ Morgan Greer Tarot

Not a bad selection, I think, but if I could choose from any possible decks (or at least, the ones I'm already hankering after...) I'd probably swap out the Fey for a Thoth (provided I could also bring a good guide to it). I might also go for the full-size version of the PCS Centennial deck rather than the tiny one in a tin, although I do find the tiny one a lot more comfortable to shuffle, and of course it's highly portable.

I was very disappointed with the Illuminati when I bought it (had LOVED several cards I'd seen online, was very tired and cranky and in Central London in a bookshop one evening and thought 'meh, why not?' then really didn't like a lot of the cards IRL) but I've revisited it this week and am enjoying it a lot more. Still, I'd be tempted to swap that out for the Mary El or the (first edition, I'm hearing disappointing things about quality of the... not sure if revised version is right but I think there's some changed cards so it's more than just a reprint?) Wild Unknown. Alternatively, if I was feeling more like a themed type deck I might go for the Norse or Green Witch. Possibly the Green Witch, as its slight fluffiness is perhaps a good counterbalance to the Thoth?

Next question, of course, is which book to bring...
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ana luisa 

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Ok, I'll give this a try. Although I know I would change my mind really quickly I would take my go-to decks. Not necessarily my "favorites".

1. Robin Wood
2- Spiral
3- Voyager
4- Mucha
5- Anna K.
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