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the moon and your child's moon.

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the moon and your child's moon.

if my moon and sun is in leo and i have a child with a leo moon. does that mean the kid is really attached to me to have a leo moon? what do you think?
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

I have all my kids and grandkids along with Grandpa's & my sun, moon, acending, and decending signs in a book. I should go back and find where their Venus and Mars set too. But I can look at each one and find out why and how we mesh the way we do.

Our son has Cap & Cancer that his dad and I are. He gets along with everyone or can do it smoothly till he gets away from us. His moon meshes with his older sisters ascending sign. They can live together, but with friction.
Their younger sister has only one sign that gets along with one of theirs.

All the signs of our grandkids all get along with something in all of the adult signs. Now my oldest grandson and I have the same moon sign.

He is a charmer and we can get along real good. Our moon signs are Libra.

I think it matters.

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my moon and my daughter's sun are the same and we are very attatched...

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my moon and my daughters are within 4 degrees of each other in libra. We are close... we do knock heads - she is very strong willed - I am going to go back and go thru her chart again... i cast it when she was born and went thru it but now that she is 4 her personality is really developed .... i need to go back.... thanks for prompting me.
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