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Horary Readings Third Instalment

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Student of Astrology
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Horary Readings Third Instalment

OK I'm now open for some more horary questions:

Same as with the other two threads. Please think carefully about your question before posting so that you ask what you really want to know. Also I may come back with several queries, if I'm not sure I understand your question before I cast a chart.

Finally, the usual 'health warning' I'm an amateur so please don't expect professional responses, though I think we had some very good 'hits' on the previous two threads.
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I would like to move to a smaller house.

Within the next year will we move?

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VenusRising  VenusRising is offline
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Location: Spain/US
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Hi Minderwiz, are you dong only new people? I would like another reading if its okay.
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Wonderful! I saw the other threads and hoped you would have time to do another round.

I would like to know what I need to do to expand my business. I would love to have enough income to support me and I can quit the day job.

Thanks so much!

Modified to add time that post was made - 7:59 p.m. Eastern US (NC)
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finally I get the chance for a reading from you

my question is how is my relationship with PL looking till the end of the year

Lisbon, 01:06 am
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YDM42  YDM42 is offline
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Location: USA
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What if there are any are the major changes coming up in my life- (career, relationship, or family). I'm in a new relationship, considering a new career, and wanting to buy a house- just wondering if anythiing pops up on any of those areas that I'm working on. It might be better for you to formulate the question.
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Beebs_94  Beebs_94 is offline
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Location: Snowville
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Hey Minderwiz! I would love to have a reading...i would like to know if theres any change coming my way?

Thanks a bunch!
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Minderwiz  Minderwiz is offline
Student of Astrology
Join Date: 20 Apr 2002
Location: Wigan, UK
Posts: 7,888

OK let's review what's been said and see if I can get you all to distil possible questions.

Desani, change is a very general term, what specific possible changes are you concerned with - what area of your life threatens, or promises change and over what period. Horary is not a method of coming up with general predictions, that's natal work. Horary looks at specific areas, such as 'should I apply for this job?', 'Should I go to Florida for my holidays?' 'Should I buy this house?'. 'Will I enter a romantic relationship with Fred/a ?' or 'Where did I put my passport?'

Venus Rising, I always try and read for new people first but I'll certainly consider a question from you.

dare2 can you give me a little background. What is your business and what particular ideas are you thinking about as possible expansion. I'm sure you have already been thinking about this and have some more specific ideas in mind.

Flipa, that sounds a promising question. Whilst I might guess that you are in or want to enter a romantic relationship with PL, I need to know specifically if that is what you mean and a little background, what is your relationship now and what would you like it to be?

YDM42 - the same applies to you as Desani. Horary is not natal work. It looks at an issue of genuine and specific concern. It there's anything on the list that you really are concerned about then ask it specifically. Horary doesn't work for wide general issues. Think it through and see what if anything is a real burning issue at the moment. If there isn't one, then you probably won't get a meaningful answer anyway.

Beebs_94 Yes there's change coming your way The same though applies to you as the others who've asked general change questions. A question as wide as the one you pose is not capable of being answered by Horary, or at least not in any way that would be helpful to you. What specific area of change concerns you. The more specific you can be the better.

If any of you are not sure about the process:

Firstly you need a real issue that is important to you. The stronger it's importance the more likely you will get a meaningful answer. Note, it does not have to be important in the overall scheme of things, but the question 'where is my passport?' a day before you leave on a foreign trip is really important to you.

Secondly have a look at the other two threads, to get an idea of possible qestions and the process. But don't as a question for the sake of it. The answer you get may well be meaningless in that case. If there's some potential change that worries you, for example rumours that your firm is about to shed 100 jobs, of move your base to the other side of the country - then there's a clear basis for a horary question.
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curly  curly is offline
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Location: nevernever land!!!
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Minderwiz - do you have enough people for this thread or can you accept one more.

I would like to know what changes are coming my way in regards to love life...

London time 15.10pm

thanks a mil

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Ms Magpie  Ms Magpie is offline
Join Date: 27 Aug 2010
Location: Alberta Canada
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Ms Magpie 


I also would be happy to have a reading!

What must I work on for my spiritual path for the next year.

Thank you much!

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