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Horary Readings Round 8 - Questions

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twinrambull's Avatar
twinrambull  twinrambull is offline
Join Date: 19 Aug 2014
Location: United States
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Will Z and I become emotionally closer in the coming months?
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wraithklewn  wraithklewn is offline
Join Date: 02 Oct 2012
Location: usa
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I am male and wondering about a female friend i had a real bad fallout with a few months ago.

My question is.. will my female ex friend come back into my life in the next 12 months? if so what kind of involvement will we have together and How will she feel about me?
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Kittysashimi  Kittysashimi is offline
Join Date: 30 May 2011
Location: Atlantis
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How will things go for me if I enroll in the Explorations in Traditional Western Herbalism program at Gathering Thyme? The program starts on December 6th this year. I'm hoping that enrolling in this school will bring me more career opportunities in the future to work as an herbalist.
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Minderwiz  Minderwiz is offline
Student of Astrology
Join Date: 20 Apr 2002
Location: Wigan, UK
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Bonny update

I've cast a chart for Bonny's question but it came out with a late degree of Gemini rising, and Saturn opposing the first house (and being in the seventh, also afflicting the house of the Astrologer)' Any reading based on it will be open to doubt.

I'll try again tomorrow.
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ThtDancerGuy  ThtDancerGuy is offline
Join Date: 02 Aug 2014
Location: CA, United States
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Hi Minderwiz,

I've never had an Horary Astrology reading done before, let alone any type of Astrology reading, so please forgive me if I leave out any important details needed or anything like that. Give me a little nudge and I'll provide them in a snap.

I would like to know please, will I finally accept my mother's boyfriend Dmitriy (d-MEE-tree) in the next 3 months?

Thanks so much! I appreciate it.
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Ethereal  Ethereal is offline
Join Date: 24 Feb 2012
Location: usa
Posts: 1,776

Hi minderwiz!
Have a question....
A two parter ... how will the outcome of the legal battle i am in with sibling
turn out for me?
What should i know about the lawyer who is handling my case ?
(anything pertinent you can hone in on)
thanks! Please PM me when its done so i don't miss feedback
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MandMaud  MandMaud is offline
Join Date: 22 May 2012
Location: Wiltshire, UK
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Hi Minderwiz! You still taking questions on this thread? If so, here's mine:

I have recently decided on a definite new career direction. "Career" is too strong really; poor health has stopped me earning for years now and I've spent a long time trying to find something to bring some money in more than the occasional eBay listing. I've realised I must go for several little strands rather than one job. I have been discussing on AT the practicalities of reading tarot online, for example, but also I'm a healer and haven't ever done that professionally, and this week I have finally booked a course in teaching Laughter Yoga so I'll be qualified to do that by the end of March! This is something that's "solid" and I feel it will work best to let the other strands grow around and from the edges of that. If you see what i mean.

Things of this kind move VERY slowly in my life compared with "normal" (because of my level of health); think 5-6 times longer to take each step than you'd normally expect. That's not counting delays that happen. So instead of qualifying and then booking a room, getting insured, advertising, and starting to run classes after Easter, it may be months to get that far. There are other big projects ongoing (house repairs, an imminent legal battle, other stuff) and fluctuating health is in itself a familiar delay. I take enforced breaks and then continue where i left off.

Anyway my question is how things will progress regarding the new me, which I can picture easily now that I have clear plans. That is the me who earns, is "out there" and advertising, part of society again, etc. You could express it as "How will the new business develop?" but you see I had to give all this background because that wording, though appropriate, is misleading.

If you can look to the end of 2016, that's the time frame I'm thinking in terms of. If that's a bit too long, say the end of the summer as I can't see a great deal happening (at the visible level, a lot will happen beneath the surface like the legs of the swan ) before that.
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lepleadian  lepleadian is offline
Join Date: 01 Aug 2015
Location: albania
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hi can you see if i and M will be romantically involved?
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thrasheddoll  thrasheddoll is offline
Join Date: 04 Mar 2015
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 64
second chance?

a man I had a falling out with in may has come back into my life.. we were friends for a long time, but then it turned romantic however it didn't work out... he was not the greatest towards me and I do understand that he has issues but I am not ready to go through it again if we are going to get involved for the second time... he has expressed some interest and while I am curious about where this will go I would rather have him as a friend if he can't be respectful.. where do you see this going?
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Hi Minderwiz great to see u open a new thread.. I want to know if u see any chance of a long term in my life for the next 3 month.. I just got out of relationship which didnt work out for an unknown reason... I am still healing i am wondering if you see new love or a return of an old lover. My lat man was EA..
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