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what sign are you.

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oasisgirl  oasisgirl is offline
Join Date: 08 Sep 2004
Location: California
Posts: 16

I want to find out about my moon and sun. I have tried but seems hard to!
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kwaw's Avatar
kwaw  kwaw is offline
Join Date: 29 Dec 2003
Location: Nr. Ephesus, Turkey
Posts: 5,400

March 25, 1961 1W31 52N25 05:55

Aries Sun
Cancer Moon
Pisces Ascendant

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isthmus nekoi's Avatar
isthmus nekoi  isthmus nekoi is offline
Join Date: 14 Aug 2001
Location: toronto, canada
Posts: 2,529
isthmus nekoi 

oasisgirl, finding out your sun sign is very easy! All you need to know is your birthday.

As for the moon, that's a little more difficult. Try plugging your birthdata into the software (no need to download) at
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xviiirkna's Avatar
xviiirkna  xviiirkna is offline
Join Date: 01 Sep 2004
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Posts: 134

Libra Sun
Aries Moon
Gemini Rising

born on the 13th of October 1962, howling at the Full Moon...

Sally Anne
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katie_here's Avatar
katie_here  katie_here is offline
Join Date: 25 Nov 2003
Location: England
Posts: 586

Originally posted by paradoxx
Gemini, June 20th, 1981 during the Gemini Cusp of Cancer, with mercury @ 1 deg CAncer (on the Gemini Cusp) in retorgrade

you were born on the day I got married!
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silverting  silverting is offline
Join Date: 25 May 2003
Location: singapore
Posts: 18

haa... 29th march.....aries sun and leo moon and rising.....
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Hekate  Hekate is offline
Join Date: 01 Nov 2004
Location: Dorset,UK
Posts: 5

I have scorpio as my sun and moon.
To say i am emotional would be an understatement
Oh and secretive is my middle name.
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WhiteRaven's Avatar
WhiteRaven  WhiteRaven is offline
Join Date: 12 Oct 2004
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Posts: 5,706

True Capricorn here...Sun/Moon/Mercury

Moody and Stubborn are understatements....especially when the moon is in my sign....and the Full Moon in July (Sun in Cancer)?....people literally hide from me! (hehehehe)
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belly dancer  belly dancer is offline
Join Date: 29 Jul 2004
Location: San Diego,Ca
Posts: 10
belly dancer 

Scorpio - nov 2nd - the Day of the Dead. And election day...) for the past month or so everyone was talking about Nov 2nd
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Simone's Avatar
Simone  Simone is offline
Join Date: 24 Nov 2003
Location: Luxembourg
Posts: 8,158

Aquarius as sun sign, virgo ascendant, moon in aries.

Just had my chart drawn up as I did know nothing about my moon (keep forgetting it ), and I noticed something:

specialists amongst you, what does it mean if all my planets are in the houses 1-8 and none in the others? actually, houses 1, 3, 5, 7 and 8 seem to be "inhabited" but none of the others.

I know nothing about this, but would be interested!

Thanks for any info...

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