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Here's the link to the poll for this thread. I just remembered commenting on it. I'm sure having it here will help all the new posters. ^_^
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Originally Posted by Kitty
Ooooh I'm a happy girl today Went to a bookstore named Theosophical Society at lunchtime for some stress relief and came out with a book called "Tarot and Psychology" by Arthur Rosengarten.
I have some good news for you! I just found a psychology podcast called Shrink Rap Radio. Several podcasts are about Tarot and Dr. Art Rosengarten is the guest for podcast 70! A reading by Dr. Art Roesngarten is further reflected upon in detail in 73.

#70 - Tarot As Psychological Tool: Dr. Art Rosengarten is a Jungian-based licensed psychologist and widely recognized expert on the psychological use of Tarot cards. He is author of Tarot And Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility (Paragon, 2000) and wrote the first accredited dissertation on Tarot divination in 1985. He is both Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and serves on the Advisory Board of the American Tarot Association. He is also Director of Intuition Mind Seminars, continuing education programs for therapists throughout California. He was a featured speaker at the World Tarot Congress in Chicago, and has appeared twice on radio on The Art Bell Show (Coast To Coast). He practices in San Diego's North County and teaches The Tarot Circle now in its 13th year.

#73 - Reflections on My Tarot Reading: Dr. Dave (David Van Nuys, Ph.D.) reflects on a Tarot reading by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D. during Shrink Rap Radio episode #70. Dr. Dave models the process of how one might approach working with these archetypal symbols and applying them to a key concern in one's own life.

#13 - Jungian Archetypes and Their Application in Psychotherapy and Consumer Research - Dr. Sharon Livingston Interviews Dr. Dave: Turnabout is fair play. I had previously interviewed Dr. Livingston. She asked to interview me for a series on her own website. I have drawn upon the work of Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung for my own work as a therapist and as a teacher. His theory of archetypes refers to eternal patterns that recur in the human imagination, regardless of time and place. The image of "The Hermit" from the Tarot is a good example of the archetypal truth seeker, loner, and wise old man.

Podcast #75 also deals with synchoronicity which may interest you as well.
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Ooooh this book looks good, i'm going to have to try and get it
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I want this book really badly.

And I've taken the complete Myers-Briggs test. I'm an iNFp personality.

It would be interesting to post a poll to see what personality types the most of us are. The whole test is found at:

At least, I think that's the whole one.
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I couldn't resist taking this test. I am a INTP personality type. I live in my head a lot, but it's refreshing to come out from time to time.
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For an MBTI poll, please use the thread that already does exist:
MBTI - Poll
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This book is on my wishlist at Amazon...I've been drooling over it for little while now.
I also took this test over a year ago and I'm an ENFP
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Originally Posted by Kitty
Ooooh I'm a happy girl today Went to a bookstore named Theosophical Society at lunchtime for some stress relief and came out with a book called "Tarot and Psychology" by Arthur Rosengarten.

Just about jumping around the office with excitement but I have to control myself - work in the health department - my tarot has already raised a few eyebrows - so thought I would post it here instead.

The mixing, using both for treatment, is something of great interest for me, I am starting my grad dip in psychology soon and hope to one day use both to help my patients (when I actually graduate in 4 years of working and studying at night....)

Anyone else read this book or similar?

I found the book several years ago. I have found it [Tarot & Tarot decks] useful with several of my hospice patients.

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Found it used for under ten dollars...

I thought it was quite interesting.

There is a chapter where he chose the Two of Pentacles card from the Marseilles, Rider-Waite and Crowley Thoth to show similarities and in his appendix he summaries and references the proverbs that someone noted earlier, and Bill Butler's Dictionary of the Tarot.

I came away with looking at that particular essay point from him as this: his patients would essentially see the two of pentacles symbolism that would mean similar things because the design is similar and suggests balancing action. I could see this in that simple design, but not in later minors suits-the differences in the designs would suggest different things to me.

I thought about the eight of wands in an Italian deck with Latin suits (di Gumppenberg Neoclassical for instance) or French deck and then Rider-Waite Smith...The RWS is eight spears or sticks flying across the card, and Crowley Thoth is a diamond with eight intersecting lines and a rainbow of sorts...and the di Gumppenberg is eight branches lying down neatly in two rows of four...and the eight of wands in a Marseilles is eight crossed an observer, the use of wands as branches or sticks in an old-fashioned deck might not equate to the intersected sticks on a diamond of the Crowley Thoth or the eight parallel spears of the Rider Waite Smith...

Some of my picks and pans could be considered minor disagreements. The fact there was tarot-thinking and ideas to consider was a big positive.

I do like his thoughtful takes and exercises and can understand his observations and experiments and readings. He did inspire me to come home and look up Italian poetry quotes that I can use to creatively assign to my new "Italian-inspired" double-ended soprafino design

I will also read the book again more slowly...

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I have a ISFJ personality.

slightly expressed introvert

slightly expressed sensing personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

slightly expressed judging personality

I am a introvert
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