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Why are playing cards not so popular?

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sporadic magic

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This is all very interesting...just a quick note, Joey, that I didn't mean to imply that cartomancers were "politically incorrect" by writing that the use of playing cards was "less democratic"--only that they are less accessible than tarot with pictures...and some illustrations are deeply mysterious, so it's only a generalization! Thanks for starting the thread; I've got some reading to do, I see!
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Little Baron 

Originally Posted by trismegistus
we don't know. does it matter?
No, it really doesn't matter.

All I am saying, when responding to someone that said that playing cards seemed as though they were not the 'full system' because of the lack of majors, that at the end of the day, nobody has any idea what the 'original' system was, anyway. Besides, there is thought that the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana were originally separate to begin with. Being added with time.

I have been looking at the system of Personal Prophecy. It is interesting, but it is hard to get my head around the fixed meanings. I can not always understand why they have been asigned. Also, why is the same meaning attached to two cards? The one about 'a relationship exists here'. I think I will have a look through my bookshelf and see what other systems there are. I understand that the Hedgewitchery site was not for everyone, but it seemed to flow a little easier than this.

Of course, if there was somewhere, other than this thread, that we could discuss the card meanings of the personal prophecy or even generate a new system through discussion, I would be very up for that.

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Phoenix Rising 

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I did ask the question about the 6 & 8 diamonds having the same meaning, but when you start using the spread, you will understand why, because it will sometimes show in the same layout pointing you to the fact about the existing situation or relationship, and it does show up alot and it makes sense.

If you look at the Hedgewytchery method..the numbered pips, for eg: all the 9's will mean a change or ending..the suit will determine what the change that is 4 cards with the meaning for "change"..all the 7's an obstacle..again the suit indicating what the obstacle maybe..The 6 & 8d are the only 2 cards that have the same meaning, every other card is independent.

Deborah has stated, that her fixed meanings as taught by her grandmother, were only stepping stones, and as we work with the cards daily, another meaning will emerge, even replacing her meaning all together, she then says, this will be the intuitive part speaking. I have found a few other meanings to the cards, only through observation, although the basic meanings will sometimes apply to another situation, but you will start to know when to use it. She says when you feel that a card feels or means something else to use, then to go with it.

How are you getting on with the "reading court cards technique"?
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Little Baron 

Originally Posted by Phoenix Rising
How are you getting on with the "reading court cards technique"?
It is interesting, and very much like I used to read my Marseille courts.

But I find it difficult to interpret a 'three' card reading when, for example, there are two queens with another card in the middle.

For example, Queen of Spades, 3 of Clubs, Queen of Hearts.

Would this mean that someone ought to try and change within the workplace? That they need to feel and be compassionate at work? Or in other areas of life, they need to make an effort to share their emotions?

In some three's, I can see what the combined meaning is. But in many others, I find it difficult.

But I understand putting a court before or after changes meaning. And I like that.

I think that maybe we should open a new thread for this reading style, as it deters from this threads intention.
And I would also like to discuss our meanings in either a new thread or threads.

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Fortune Teller

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Not sure why playing cards seem not as popular as Tarot or other forms of divination, but perhaps due to less 'publicity' &/or resources. The few small books of fortune telling I sometimes referred to were already out of print whence I acquired them.

I started reading with playing cards decades ago as a pre-teen via a series of synchronistic experiences, after using numerology, astrology & graphology (handwriting analysis). Then found Zolar's Astrological Tarot, so all those means my resources before stumbling on the RWS in late teens.

Have found playing cards & Zolar's deck to have the capacity for the readings in depth; & especially with the incorporation of those other means, too.

Since I largely read intuitively, though I may not recall every 'meaning' encountered with the use of those earlier decks, the essence of those experiences remain. & aware I incorporate what I learned from those decks in my use of Tarot decks.
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Debra... s'okay.... no offense taken... and I understand how the illustrations of tarot do offer more of a visual element that pcs do not... I merely was defending my position where I strongly believe that there are many nuances within pcs that really merit some consideration and when explored do offer wonderful insights... both to the reader and client... some clients really enjoy seeing everything laid before them in black and white (or I guess I should say, black and

Little Buddha... I would be interested in starting some sorta group where we could discuss working with playing cards in depth... developing our own systems... and exploring the energies the cards do offer... I dunno where the appropriate place to do this would be...

Moderators... could there be a specific section apart from oracles specifically for playing card divination?? is this even appropriate?? I would appreciate any insights or ideas... thanks!

great thread, all... thanks...

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Barbaras Ahajusts 

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I may get something thrown at me but here goes.

Tarot= A book with pictures
Playing Cards= A book without pictures.
Either way, a great read.

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Well that depends, I would think, on how you read.

I read very much mainly intuitively, by looking at the card images and analysing the images in each card. I never really learnt any card meanings and have no desire to do so. That means, for one thing, in my readings the cards do not have set meanings and the meaning of each is very very flexible.

I don't think reading playing cards would let me work in that way. And that is the way I love to read.

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Al Si'ra 

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hmm...if i want blunt short answer which is not open to any discussion i would certainly head to my playing cards..i have not even once seen them fail..

if i want to see a whole scenerio; work with my intuition and see more details..then i choose tarot cards...but i have noticed that tarot cards can be flexible and surprise you in the end with what they are trying to say..but certainly tarot is a great tool to develop intuition that is why i am using tarot cards more..and the pics are lovely

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