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Lightbulb RWS Tarot 101 Page of Wands

I am calling it Tarot 101 because as a beginner to tarot, I need to start from the basics, and get a base understanding of the cards and suits. I am trying to really look at the card and feel it's meaning. What I was taught in class dosen't always fit what I see in the card. Sometimes I look at a card and it takes me places, gives me feelings, or I see a certain person. My mother told me to always go with my feelings, but tarot is different than her readings off of regular playing cards. This is where I am feeling lost, do I go with my gut feelings, or learned meanings, or a combo of both. Can't ask my Mom, she is I am here. I don't want generations of card readers to die with her. I find puting pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard, putting my thoughts in my own words is a great learning tool.

So here I sit with the Page of Wands card in front of me, this is what I see:

Page of Wands

"I am always growing and learning" Greer

I see a young man (person) standing and holding his wand as if admiring it. His attire is yellow and gold in color (intelligence, creative talent), lizards/salamanders are on his shirt (vision, enlightenment, rebirth, renewal).

Question about salamanders see post:

He wears a blue hat with a red feather, why his mismatch in color?? He stands in a barren landscape with three mountain peaks in the background. I know that wands are “fire” so the barren landscape but the mountains puzzle me. Are these Mountains or pyramids.
Another thread on the subject:

Is the Wand calling to him? What creative ideas are coming to mind? I get a sense of adolescence sexuality in this card.

Direct: Creative Spark, conception of an idea, seeking passion in your life, Message of job/career, As a person: good communicator, confident, courageous, daring, spontaneous, one who appears in your life as a creative spark

Reversed: Misleading information, bad news, As a person: cannot communicate/get your point across, superficial, theatrical, cruel, domineering, risky actions
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Yes, the adolescent sexuality in the card, I mean, look at the end of the wand that he is looking at, doesn't that remind you the head or tip of a part of the male's anatomy?

I guess in some way, that can be seen as rather being selfish, in the sense that he is just doing it for physical gratification, he doesn't see how the other person feels, or he sees his, well, . If that is the case, it can be seen that he is thinking with that part of the anatomy, not with his head (on top of the neck and shoulders)

Pleasure seeker, in other words.
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That's a fine hat he's wearing. It really does catch the eye. Looking through the deck with that in mind, there really is some fine headwear in these cards. I wonder if Pamela Coleman Smith was also a milliner?
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The man hold the wand see up to the sky, means he have a long sign of
future planning, and the background have three mountain means the planning
will have some diffficulty, but the wand can help him, some kind as email, telephone call, or message form others.
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