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RWS Tarot 101 Knight of Wands

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Lightbulb RWS Tarot 101 Knight of Wands

This is where I get confused. When reading from a regular playing deck, there is a Jack, not a Page and Knight. I took this as a Page being a new character for me, and the Knight taking on the position of the Jack. (I was brought up with a mother and grandmother who read from playing cards) So far in readings it has worked out. Please let me know if this assumption is off track.

Knight of Wands

“I am willing to act on my inspirations” Greer

When looking into the Knight of Wands I see a man in armor (protection, strength), the armor has a yellow (intelligence, thought) covering with salamanders (vision, enlightenment, rebirth) printed on it.

Salamanders see this post

On the top of his helmet is a red (passion, desires) plumes, there are also red plumes on the back of his arm. He holds his Wand in his right hand, reining back his horse with his left. The brown (practical, stable) horse is reared, poised to charge. As in the Page of Wands the ground is barren with three mountain peaks in the background. Perhaps the three peaks refer to creativity? Are these mountain peaks or pyramids?
Another tread on mountains/pyramids

Direct: Event: Quick and sudden/unexpected event, sudden move, person comes in and out of your life, travel, concentrating on goals, active application of plans.
Person: Always on the go, will not settle down or stay, feisty, daring, adventurous, passionate, lots of sex partners, “Gift of Gab”

Reversed: Event: Travel delayed, unable to move, will stick around, stuck.
Person: Rebel without a cause, show off, superficial, “love em and leave em”, hot tempered, too involved with his feelings/beliefs blinds him of other peoples feelings, will endanger self and others, chip on his shoulders, cannot resist temptation.
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I think they are pyramids, I always have seen them as pyramids.

If that is the case it might indicate an interest in ancient divination methods, you know oracle, astrology and the like.

I tend to see the Knight of Wands as travel, got the wanderlust, in a sense. Whether that is in the terms of travel in the proper sense of the word, or not just being able to stick to one particular thing. You know, do something for awhile, may get quite good at it, but when it starts getting boring, off he goes in search of something else that might interest him.
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What I see in this card is a young person setting out for adventure. (The horse looks a bit more enthusiastic than the Knight, but off they go anyway.) I interpret the three peaks in the distance as pyramids, possibly representing knowledge and power. But then there is the empty plain in between them. I think the Knight is on his way to fill the void with experience.

It seems to me this would be a good card if it came up regarding a new project, job, relationship etc or moving to a new location, because it's so high energy.
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