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4 of Wands

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4 of Wands

There are two people walking away from the others toward
the 4 wands. They come to the double lines on the card.

Are these people walking towards their gains OR walking
away from their group of people to make their gains.

I never thought of them walking away before but this
would make sense because they have their back to that
part of the card.

(I don't usually use this card as a wedding but I can also see
where it could be used as the happy couple and their
new begining.)
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Viewing the waving figures seen in the foreground
as greeters ~ coming out to welcome someone now
returning ~ and so with our perspective as that of
the homecomer, is where I feel the warmth of this
card is found. The four Wands are like an archway,
decorated in anticipation of this happy moment...

4 gives us foundations and stability, reliable traditions.
Wands adds the element of fiery, energetic enthusiasm.

This card would also be a wonderful symbol for Aeclectic's
warm and caring community, an open, welcoming haven.
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Kinda reminds me of a Sukkhah (similar to a chupa used during weddings) – a canapy used during the Sukkhot. You spend your time under it – dining sleeping – and being exposed – placing your trust in your creator and deity. It’s kinda like the American or Canadian ‘thanksgiving’ – but more so.

As a Four – it corresponds to Chesed – Kindness. It’s a good card. Walking towards or walking away…it’s a card of goodness.
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a beautiful thought

from: Judaism

"A sukkah must have at least three walls. The roof of the sukkah must be made
of material referred to as sekhakh, which means "covering." Sekhakh must be something that grew from the ground and was cut off, such as tree branches, corn stalks, bamboo reeds, sticks, or two-by-fours. Sekhakh should be sparse and left loose enough so that the stars can be seen. A sukkah may be any size, so long as it is large enough for you to fulfill the commandment of dwelling in it.
It is common practice, and great family fun, to decorate the sukkah."
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4 wands

One of my favorite cards to see in a spread. The card itself has such a warm and happy glow. I like to think of this card as a new happy union, the start of an anticipated journey.
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It could be standing on you own foundation, having done the ground work to create it, now it's time to build something on it, it's something that you have to do yourself, creating a seperate identity from your familly, freinds and collegues.

I think of marriages, unions, things you have strived to accomplish successfully, but I'm also beginning to look at this card as Check your foundations. Are they squared, how strong are they, what were they built with, can they withstand the pressures of what Fate throws at you? What kind of structure are you building or have built on it?
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I agree pretty much with Fulgour.

I see a party in the distance and two people have spotted you and they comed close to welcome you. They are waving and smiling. Everyone looks happy and is dancing. All you have to do is walk throught the gate the four of wands have made to join in that happy party. Don't be afraid to reach your goal. Sometimes happiness is closer than you think. I think this card has a very positive mood with the yellow and red. I like drawing this cards. It always makes me feel good.
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Garden Delights

A Similar construction may also sometimes be called
a pergola or an arbour trellis, much like that seen
in the distance on the Ace of Pentacles:


Arbour Trellis
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Looking at the four wands I see the start of a firm foundation but because the garlands do not come all the way around the four wands I always thought that the two people walking towards them as still working on this foundation, much like WalesWoman's take of this card.

I see four wands looking as if firmly planted, two of them decorated, joined, tied tightly together and two needing more work, still in an unfinished stage, not connected, perhaps a little wobbly. (I do not want to be under them if the wind is blowing yet!)

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I've never looked at the two people as walking to *or* from. I see one as standing, giving thanks and appreciation to, and for, the joys of life and self-awareness. I see the other as giving reverence to the earth for supplying the bounty.

The richness of the subconscious covers and connects the wands which tells me that this card is one of the querent's willingness to open themselves up to new self-discovery and insight.

The red peaks on the rooftops tell me of the querent's desire to manifest and create their own perfect heights, while protecting the foundation of what they currently have.

The people in the background represent appreciation, to me, and the bridge represents that willingness to create.

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