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Waite's inaccuracies?

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Cascade  Cascade is offline
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Waite's inaccuracies? copy 1

I thought about this elsewhere,but in the Pictorial Key, Waite states that there are four streams pouring from the chalice in the Ace of Cups. What is the fifth line if it isn't a stream?
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Fulgour  Fulgour is offline
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Light-Waite Stuff

There are so many mistakes by Waite in his little
pamphlet called The Key to the Tarot that nobody
probably has an accurate count... Just trying to
read his mumbled gibberish "boggles" the brain so
much that we can hardly even manage to think.
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Emeraldgirl  Emeraldgirl is offline
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Waite has made many inaccuracies in his deck sometimes I wonder if he even looked at Pamela's cards.
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wilde-tarot  wilde-tarot is offline
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Old Arthur was one crazy kid-Grand Orient or not-but hey-certainly a method in his madness-hard to believe that he would release the deck to be published without wanting to throw sand in our eyes-Ace of Cups is the communion sacrement after all-4 elements four streams plus one-sorry-must stop reading Shadows of Life and Thought!going nutty
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RChMI  RChMI is offline
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The fith stream is that which represents the "Quintessence" of the fith element, that being Spirit, or "Ether." Three streams on the right side of the card, two streams on the left side of the card, represent the Pentagram, issuing forth from the divine hand. There are twenty-five blue "Yods" about the hand and cup, representing the quitessential Quintessence, or five multiplied by five. Directly under the hand between the stream and the cloud is a single grey cirular form that represents the Spiritual / Etheric aspect, that when combined with the 25 Yods, totals the visual figures to that of 26, the numerical signifigance of the Tetragrammaton.
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sunny2  sunny2 is offline
Join Date: 30 Aug 2005
Location: United Kingdom
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the book I have (Gray)states
.....there are 5 streams of living water falling into the lake below- a symbol of he subconcious mind....
and the dew ( Yods) of Spirit descends from the cup onto the water lilies,signifying eternal life
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In 'The Beginner's Guide to Tarot' by Juliet Sharman-Burke it mentions the five separate steams of water from the Cup and suggests that they represent the five senses. I feel that this interpretation does fit the card but I also think there are some good ideas here too.
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Fulgour  Fulgour is offline
Join Date: 10 Jun 2004
Location: slumbrin in the windrows of the hours...
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Originally Posted by RChMI
...the numerical signifigance of the Tetragrammaton.
This thread it titled "Waites's Inaccuracies" and not
"If we re-write Waite's book what would it mean?"

I have read Waite's book, and it is an agonizing waste
of time, boring and foolish.. and full of inaccuracies.
Nobody seems to care ~ obviously, neither did Waite.

Let's stop making excuses for Arthur Edward Waite.
He was an ambitious little man who would be King,
but nobody seemed to want him to be their leader.

He wrote for spare change to make a quick buck.
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tarobones  tarobones is offline
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deck and book

I agree with Fulgour about the book. I dropped it after a few pages when a rank beginner. There are many other sources far more useful. I *do* love the deck though, but I found Thirteen's course here at AT, plus to be wonderful for this newbie. Also I've learned most from these posts and my own studying of the images themselves. I'm still an enthusiastic newbie after 3 years, and I think RWS or its clones will remain my preference. Thanks to all who participate here at AT. Blessings to all.......Michael
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SuzanneMoon  SuzanneMoon is offline
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Thankyou tarobones for posting that link it is superb i will be doing this course and also gain alot more about the RWS deck here with you lovely people

Loves and Hugs
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