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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOUR

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21 Ways -- Step Four

Title: The Memories
Card: 2 of Pentacles
Tarot: The Fey Tarot

4.1 ~ The Beginning

Once Upon a time there was a big fat mama that always teased by other fey. Shes always sad and plenty of friends. One day she is so lonely and go to the mountain and she bring her favorite carpet that been given to her by her parents when she is young. She put the carpet on the grass and watching at the stars and remembering the past of her lives. In a few minutes theres a mysterious pentacle drop in the sky it looks like a falling star. She quickly run and saw an Ace Pentacle in the ground and touch it. "Yay maybe this is hot but its a beautiful pentacle maybe I should get it." When she touch the pentacle it is not hot and he feels cold, lively and very happy, she don't know why she feels that feelings. When she back at her carpet she saw something green following her and hide quickly in the woods. Suddenly because of her curiosity she go and follow the green light in the forest and saw a lost fairy hiding in the woods. She ask the fairy "Why your hiding little fairy?" and the fairy didn't talk because shes so shy, but the big fat mama have plan to make that green fairy talk to her. Big Mama said again "Please don't be shy I'm good and I want to be friend with you." But the fairy is still hiding and suddenly Big Mama drop the Ace Pentacle and the fairy saw her lost pentacles that guarding for the long time. The fairy Quickly grab the Ace Pentacle but Big Mama catch her and said. "Don't be shy I'm good and I just want to be friend with you." The Fairy said "Mmmmm are you sure that you like to be friends with me many fey wants to catch me and sell. I don't want to be sell." Big Mama reply "Lol I'm not like that many people hate me because of my appearance so do you want to be friend with me" "Yes thats a big pleasure to meet a nice fey like you" then they shake hand. Big Mama carry her and they talk and talk until the green fairy have been fall a sleep and she carry the fairy to her house and they sleep. Next day the green fairy cook food fo there breakfast and thay have fun eating, playing, talking and teaching the fairy how to sow some shirts. In a cold evening Big Mama plan to go to the mountain again and she invites the green fairy. The Green fairy dance and dance until big mama reminds her about her past.

4.2 ~ The Past

Big Mama remember her past. When she is a little kid her mother and father loves her very much she always receive gifts everyday that it make her happy always. When she is in the school her classmate always bully her and it makes her feel wick. One day when she is flying she meet a friend he is a cute boy with a friendly and happy attitude, everyone know him his popular in there school. Every time the bells rang they always play at the playground and talking about what happen when they big. The cute boy always help the girl from the other boys and girls that want to bully her. One day when they go home night they saw something green and they follow it in the forest and saw a ace pentacles but theres no one there then they keep the pentacle and they saw the wide plain in the mountain thats very beautiful and have a good breeze. They plan that it could be there hide out and also there playground. The girl agree and they go home and the green light appear again. Next day is Saturday that means they don't have class so they went to the mountain and play whole day like the other kids doing every weekends. They don't know that a green light is always watching them and hiding in the forest. In a next few months the boy died because of his sickness that can't be cure the girl was lonely and cry and cry every night because she lost his true friend. Her life back to normal where her classmate bully her and always having fun teasing her. How many years later she already forgot about there hideout and the green light is also lost in the forest. That was her unforgettable moment that the green fairy remember her. Many years later as she getting old she didn't meet the right man to marry her so shes having fun with her pet and also died because of a gun accident. She always thinking that she is unlucky as the more years come she is always teasing her by her neighbors.

4.3 ~ The Happy End

When big mama already remember her childhood her tears is just only dropping and the green fairy fey stop dancing and wipes her tears. In a few minutes the big mama smiles to the green fairy and said "Thanks for that dance, because of your dance I already remember my past and I know now whos that green light and thats you. I'm so lucky that I meet a new friend that makes me happy and comfort me every time I'm sad." The green fairy said "Thats fine your a great person that I meet in my whole life that you love me like your parent and of course like your true friend." Both of them cry and cry again and that night was one of the unforgettable moment that the big mama told the story to the children passing to her house and the green fairy always guide her and makes her comfort.

Sorry if I don't have a good story yay hehehe have fun everyone!
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21 ways step four

Druidcraft, The High Priestess.

Once upon a time a darkness came over the land. It was quite and nothing moved. The trees did not rustle, the streams did not bubble. All in all, the soundless land was a very very quite place. Petra the cat did not like it at all. Thinking loudly, the only sound allowed in this mountainous land, he thought he might leave it for a place of bells, windy whistles and whispering wheat. Walking around a cove by the silent lake, for no fish danced on the water, no birds made a splash, he came across a very strange sight. Though it being dark, Petra could see quite well, at least she thought so, and it was the sense she used mostly right now, that and her nose. Petra smelled something going on here, for just a little bit away from her stood a tall cloaked and mystical woman. Her hands raised in supplication, before an alter of stone the woman seemed to be intoning an incantation, that Petra thought she heard words, but no, her lips were not moving. The moon cast an eerie light on the scene and Petra thinking, this must be it, this is why not a sound can be heard, not a sound made. Petra moved, silently of course, towards the woman, and cautiously tapped her foot with a paw. Petra saw the woman turn, look around down upon her, her gaze crystal clear, knowing and wise. Petra jumped up on to the alter and mimed the words "Switch the sound on or know one will be able to hear your wisdom". The woman stroked Petraís back, smiled and clicked her fingers, saying; "wisdom must be heard, you are right my cat, lets go home now". And you know what, on the way home, the trees did rustle, the brooks did gurgle, and Petra purred so much, that her throat was soar for days.
I was walking along, looking around me carefully where I went, because I was deaf. Well not deaf, but no sounds were being made. When I open my mouth to say something nothing came out. It was a very sad state of affairs. Of course I didnít have to hear all the foolish gibberish people usually say, which was a relief, because all in all, there is a lot of rubbish said. Nobody seems to get to the substance anymore. Anyway I came across a little crevasse and standing there was a woman, witch or priestess or something weird. She was praying in front of an alter. I couldnít hear what she said so I went up to here and whacked her foot. That got her attention. Suddenly it occurred to me that it was she who had turned off all the sound. Probably need to be quite to do her praying or whatever. Well, I have had enough, and told this woman to turn the sound on again. Heeding my command she did. Babbling on about how wisdom must be heard. I agree, but sometimes is it not just great to hear the sound of nothings.
I do admit that I can get frustrated by pointless prattle. I want and like to get to the heart of the matter. This can make listening hard work. So I always have to calm down and listen through. Something which is extremely important (especially in reading tarot). So Iíve got a job to do here.
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For kwesifriends, Verdi, bryghtrose

I'm pleased to see that you have joined us on our path. Do stick with it. All of us who have passed this point have gained so much. If any have questions, there are many here to assist you. Have fun. Dave
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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
I'm pleased to see that you have joined us on our path. Do stick with it. All of us who have passed this point have gained so much. If any have questions, there are many here to assist you. Have fun. Dave
thanks very much and I'm pleasure to meet the owner of the thread. This is a great place to learn tarot and sorry that I didn't continue my journey.
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Four: Golden Tarot XIX The Sun

4.1 Once upon a time there was an egg. Nobody knew what kind of egg this was, or where it came from, but it was suspected the sun had to do with it. The egg lay within an enchanted, unhabited castle, in a nest of gold. The sun took care of it and shined her beams on it. The egg started to radiate, brighter and brighter and one day, out of the egg came a little boy named Prince. Prince walked around the castle, but there was nothing to experience there, he had no knowing of itself cause there were no mirrors or other beings, so he walked out of the castle, into the dessert, where knights were fighting. Prince got caught up in the battle somehow and in these other everyday worries and busy-ness. That's how he learned about pain and sorrow. He also learned about his size: he was very, very, small, a baby even in this human world. He felt unimportant and unloved, and a darkness overall. He stayed, until he couldn't bare it no longer. He walked back to the castle, but it was gone. Instead he found a solid wall. He climbed over it, and cut his skin on the thorns of the plants covering it.
On the other side a beautiful horse awaited him, standing there as if it had been waiting for him eternally. Prince discovered that he, although still a child, had grown tremendously through all his experiences. He could feel power surging through his body as he climbed on the horse. And the horse started walking. Prince knew that he needn't worry anymore, from now on he would be guided safely, there were miracles lying ahead.

4.2 (from the horse, whose name is Spirit) O, the Prince, the one I have been waiting for, finally he is here. I've only heard speak of his existence, but I knew it had to be true, since the information came from The Sun, the same Sun that brought me into glorious existence at the same moment the Prince was born. O, it is a joy to see this Prince. And he has become big, a giant child, with radiant hair. I will give him love and power, because that's why I am here and nothing could give me a greater pleasure. O, this is happiness! The Prince is here! He has come a long way. He is a joy to behold! And what possibilities he bears! And knowing there are more of him in this world, who will one day cross the wall! What joy!

4.3 It was a very nice surprise to see the horse talking, because he didn't have any special meaning to me before this exercise, he was just one of the many horses in the deck. He holds an important lesson about self appreciation and unconditional self love and how empowering that can be (to see yourself as such a glorious being as this horse does the prince!).
Also, I'm learning to trust my higher self/spirit (= the horse) more, it knows the way without a doubt. I can always count on it, just like the horse, it is immensily resilient and powerful.
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Princess Judy 
21 Ways - Step Four: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

1) Once upon a time, there was a little princess called Inara. Inara lived in a beautiful white castle, near the ocean. It was truly a sight to behold. Inara loved it there. During the day she would wander the shores and when she came back, a delicious meal with her beloved family and friends awaited her, and she had all kinds of wonderful stories to tell. The birds loved to listen to these stories as well and when returning to their nests in the evening, would pass them along to other birds that they met on the way, and those birds in their turn would pass on the stories, and so on and so on. So in no time, Inara's wonderful stories got spread throughout the world and brought happiness, laughter and hope to the hearts of millions of people.
Although the world lay at her feet and invited her to come over, she prefered to stay in her castle near the ocean, with her loved ones, because that was where she felt happiest. There she lived happily ever after, wandering the shore, lazying about, having fun and make up stories.

2) Hi, my name is Inara. I live in a wonderful white castle near the ocean. I love to wander the shores, collect shells, swim, observe sea creatures, being on my own and just be. When I come home, a superbly prepared meal awaits me, full of fresh and delicious goods... I love to spend time with my family and friends, do fun things with them or just hang out, and tell them stories, that are greatly inspired by my adventures during my explorations. The birds love them as well, and spread them along the world. I'm happy to hear that my stories inspire all different kinds of people around the world, bringing them hope and especially a lot of fun and laughter (hey, and tears every once in a while...). I get a lot of invitations for this or that, but usually skip them, since I love my quiet life too much and wouldn't trade it for any place in the world.

3) There's a lot of connections with my real life: I love to relax and make up stories (I'm a children's book writer), the walls of my home are white, and most of all, I love the ocean.
The story reflects, what I'm truly wishing for and what I personally consider to be a succesful life. Not for others, but for mť. That means living near the ocean, living outside, wandering about and relaxing, making up stories, having family and friends living near me and spending delightful time with them, enjoy all organic, fresh and delicious meals all the time (even eating straight from the land - attended by farmers who dedicate their lives to sustainable agriculture), having people from all over the world deeply enjoying my stories. I'm not there yet, but well on my way, and that fairytale picture is well worth to keep in my mind and work towards.
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Ivy Rhiannon 
21 Ways - Step Four

Druidcraft ~ The Moon

1.) Darvadyn snickered as he made his way to the beach and rocky cliffs. "We have held the humans off for now, but everyday they grow stronger. Soon they will over power us and drive us from our lands." Bekoon nodded scratching his neck. "Parasites like those don't give up easily! Besides we have won the battle tonight!" Darvadyn jumped around playful and excited. "Yes this is wolven territory! We are the keepers of the forest!" Bekoon wagged his tail still invigorated from the battle. "Let us howl and raise our voices in this dark night! We well show those mortal fools that WE WILL PREVAIL! If only in their nightmares! They will fear us brother!" he roared. Then letting back their heads the haunting voices carried over the land filling it with confusion and delusion.

The small crab kept an eye on the situation. Whispering to himself he spoke, I will need to warn Gaia of this chaos. The guardians seek to keep the humans out because of the carelessness and destruction yet they go crazy with their own power and are corrupt as well. If only they could see their reflections in this water. The noise and cold gave him a chill as he slipped back into the safety of the sea.

2.) Full of energy from the battle I let out my victorious cry into the night. I call to my brothers and sisters to join me. To revival in the moment! I feel the adrenaline inside my veins and I tremble with pleasure. I feel feral, fierce and free! Sing kin sing!

3.) This reminds me of running away, that first night of breaking free from society and regulations. Being alone out in the woods with my friends laughing and celebrating our escape. Not thinking about the consequences of what I had done. Not caring who I had hurt. Too self absorbed and unwise to the world.
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STEP 4-Mythic Tarot-Five of Cups

1) Once upon a time there was a young lady who was put into a deep sleep by a man she couldn't love. This man had tried to win her over for years but she could not love him. He became angered and put a spell on her making her sleep forever. He kept her captive in a cold building at the top of a very high mountain with only the moon to watch her. He didn't want love to find her. No man had ever climbed to the top of the mountain and he was sure no-one would find her. One night an angel was flying over head and saw the lady sleeping. He flew down to the lady and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Walking over next to the bed to get a closer look he tipped over the golden cups by her bedside. It made such a loud clatter he couldn't understand how she did not wake. He touched her arm and she still did not wake. He though it was unusual and put his cheek down next to hers to see if she was breathing and "accidently" touched his lips to hers. The lady woke up in an instant and the angel was so spooked that he ran away. The lady had fallen instatly in love with the angel and to this day sits atop the mountain waiting for the angel to return for her.

2) I am a sad lady awaiting my angel to come for me. I live atop this high mountain and it is impossible for me to leave. I was put under a sleeping spell many years ago by an angry man and woke again by the kiss of a winged angel. His kiss freed me from my sleep and I instantly fell in love with him. He ran off in fear but I still have hope for his return.

3) This reminds me of a time when a stranger helped me change a tire on the side of the road. I never even got a chance to thank him or get his name. But I often think of the kindness he gave me in a desperate situation.
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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

1. Once upon a time, outside the city of Prague, there lived an old man in a little house in the woods. He lived with this good wife, whom he had married many years ago when they were both young. They were very happy on their little farm and lived for many years together. But one day the wife became very ill and took to her bed and before the week was over she had died. The man, who was by now quite old, was, naturally, very sad. After another week had passed, he decided that he had to leave his little house because now it only brought him sadness. He didn't know what to do though. He had never been very far from home, he had never been alone. But he took up his walking stick, put on his cloak and set off down the road. He walked all day, carrying his grief with him like a suitcase. Night began to fall, and the road was getting very dark, when he heard someone whisper "Over here!" He looked to where the voice was coming from and there he saw the strangest thing he had ever seen. It was an hourglass that glowed with a warm yellow light. "Take it. Its magic light will guide you on your way," said the same voice. The man stood there for a moment, looking for the person who had spoken, but he couldn't see anyone. So he picked up the lantern and saw a tiny bit of light flow into the bottom of the glass.

2. I am now an old man, but it wasn't always so, of course. A long time ago, when I was young, I married a beautiful girl, and we lived in a little house outside the city. But after living together happily for many years, my wife became ill and soon died. I could hardly stand the pain of losing her. I soon realized that I would find it unbearable to stay alone in the house where I had once been so happy. I knew I'd have to leave, even though I had hardly ever been away from home at all. One day I put on my cloak and took up my walking stick and set off down the road. I walked all day as sad as could be, wondering if I would ever be able to find any happiness again. It grew dark. I didn't want to stop walking, but soon I would be unable to see anything. I was wondering what to do when I hard someone whisper, "Over here!" I followed the sound, and to my amazement I saw by the side of the road a lantern in the shape of an hourglass. The top half was filled with a glowing yellow light. The voice, to which I could see no body attached, urged me to take it. As soon as I picked it up, I noticed a tiny bit of the light fall from the top into the bottom of the glass.

3. There have been times in my life, when relationships have ended and I have been devastated, when I have felt like I have had to leave where I am. Sometimes I have left physically, sometimes I have just tried to leave the situation by doing something new, taking a new direction, as it were. Even with taking up Tarot, I feel like I am going down a new road in an effort to find something I haven't found before. Maybe Tarot is my magic lantern.
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For both Easternsunrise and Prism

Two different cards and decks, two different stories --- yet a common thread in each. The woman in the tower passed a lot of time asleep, and now while she is awake, but both phases involve being alone because of another. The older man had a long time in his life with his wife, now he is also alone but with a puzzle to accompany him -- he is on a journey which seems to be marked or measured by the hourglass, implying a limited time for his wanderings. Neither have an idea of what is in their future but one seems to have no way of determining that future while the other has a means of discovering something, perhaps.

As we go through these exercises we find ourselves increasingly "extending" the card, stretching to discover more. Both of you have provide nice "pictures" for us to "see". I have purposely not attempted to review those cards themselves but to stick with your word paintings. Nicely done. Be assured that we all enjoy and learn from your explorations. Talk later, Dave
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