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The hidden ring in the two of wands (RWS)

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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
That is a very earth based interpretation for a ( fire ) wand .
I agree. The ceremony mentioned doesn't seem to have any overt connection to the card, neither does the idea of illusion. Indeed the whole concept of "material" doesn't seem relevant here, this being a card of Wands.

To me the ring is part of the battlements, whether it can be removed or not is immaterial. It would represent the general Will, which is the basis of the specific Will which is wielded by the man. Dominion suggests power that is not exercised, but it merely held, as per the globe in the figure's hand.

Indeed this even fits Kabbalistically, as Chochma is a reflection of Keter, but with the added element of force (which in the Wands would translate as "force forcing" ). All of the power of the man is drawn from the general idea of force, but that force has only now recognized itself, as it were, looking at itself in the mirror. The general Will is immobile, and cannot be modified by the specific Will. By necessity Wands are somewhat abstract, and this is one of the most abstract, being at the very top of the Tree, with only the Fool and Ace of Wands coming before it.
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The man in the card thinks he's the Lord of Dominion, but the emblem, which Waite says "should be noticed," tells a different story; there's another. It all seems very plain to me now, though others will no doubt have different opinions.
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There seems some confusion about the use of the symbol; it is essentially the CORE symbol and mystery of just about all these related traditions; the rose and cross ...

They all realised that and it is throughout their mysteries and ceremonies: the 5 = 6 degree of GD, the 5th degree of OTO .... and many others, that is, Rosicrucianism, in one form or another and is the 'general stopping place' for those in the order (meaning it is the usual place of persevered attainment - to go further requires unusual high dedication and sacrifice ).

here, I think you misinterpreted:

Originally Posted by Abrac View Post

Hierophant: ADONAI HA-ARETZ. ADONAI MELEKH. Unto Thee be the Kingdom and the Power (cross on self) and the Glory. MALKUTH, GEBURAH, GEDULAH. (He makes Cross and Circle with Scepter before him *** as he says **** MALKUTH , etc.) The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley, Amen.[/indent]

In the GD ceremony above, the Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valley are references to the "Lord and King of Earth" referred to as ADONAI HA-ARETZ and ADONAI MELEKH, or "Lord of Dominion" if you will.
No ... it is not "Lord and King of Earth" that the "The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley, Amen." is referring to.

"The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley, Amen." comes after the " He makes Cross and Circle with Scepter before him" ... i.e. it is a blessing FROM the R+C. Not a confirmation one is like that ... as one has just started on the earth element.

It is like ; you get baptised as Abrac (Pours water on his head) "In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit."

It isnt saying Abrac is the Father , Son and Holy Spirit. Or it isnt referencing them 'to him'.

Even if they were ... and the power of the sceptre and invocation made the candidate (in earth) an R+C ... that would have changed him to be in-line with the symbol, not against it and operating differently.

You cant get proper meaning from just looking at one ritual and for words and phrases and think that ritual supplies context for a meaning. To understand the rituals, one has to look at the progression of them and understand the attached corpus.
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