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Meditating to visualize (see) faeries

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Kirali  Kirali is offline
Join Date: 24 Jan 2002
Location: Florida
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Originally posted by WillieHewes
I hope I'm making sense here. The most important bridge I had to cross before i could see fairies was that I wanted proof I was really seeing them, and thus not allowing myself to see them. You have to trust your own imagination, and not worry about what's real or not real. Fairies aren't real anyway, so give it a rest.
Thanks for the advice Willie. I've given up trying to meditate at this point in time. It's just not for me right now. Yes I know they're not "real", I'm just trying to find some spirituality now that I have none. I'm also highly skeptical so it's not easy. On one hand I want to "see" them (at least in meditation), on the other I know how silly it sounds outloud and if I "see" them, I'd wonder if I was going mad. hehe

Originally posted by genna
Iīve read through the guided meditation by Edain McCoy in the book you mentioned in your question and havenīt tried it,finding it very difficult(and long).I try not to seek contact with faeries that are not friendly towards humens.
I haven't tried the long meditation part, I've only just sat up and tried to sit still for a while and see what I can in my mind's eye.(which unfortunately bores me and makes me sleepy.)

I've also not sought out any unfriendly faeries so not to worry genna. I'm also glad that you finally got the Edain McCoy book. The only thing that put me off about it was the part about how bells and wind chimes were made to scare faeries away. I really like wind chimes so I'm going to get one anyway.

Sorry for not posting in a while. Feel free to share more experiences. Maybe I'll try to meditate again someday. hehe
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Kirali, I go through on and off stages with my own meditating, which isn't often about fae, but still....

I've found that it's like turning a light on or off. There is definitely no positive or negative judgment placed on the times you either do or don't meditate -- which we as people often do.

Instead, it's more like the ebb and flow of cyclical beings. We are cyclical in our nature. Like plants, I think we go through spiritual "dormancies" where the top plant shows no evidence of growth, but the root's reach and grow down, unseen. Those times off may be more productive, in the long run, in unseen ways.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I sense you're down on yourself for not meditating. I'm saying, I've done that too, but if/when you feel the need to start again, you may suprise yourself with the news places that the meditating process takes you after such a resting period.
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Sorry i came in on this so late. There are some helpful tips here in this thread.

Ted Andrews writes very clearly about faeries. You may find his books helpful.

Also, that green light you saw is a common 'sighting' by those who are looking to see angels and guides. I believe it is because love is the light you are seeing, love being the substance of the spirit who is present (the heart chakra is green).

Fairies will appear in ways that are comfortable for you. They will not scare you. They tend to appear to most humans as birds, butterflies, etc.....

When you are open to it, you will begin to see them by seeing flits of movement out of the corner or your eye. also you may find that birds or ducks or animals or even bugs seems to approach you more closely. take it as a compliment. they are answering your request.

Fairies are delighted when we acknowledge them and will honor our fear, too. they don't want to scare us, they want to communicate with us. and I believe faeiries love wind chimes and bells..... have you ever listened to crickets (faeries!) they sound like sleigh bells......

And yes, trust your intuition and consider if everything you wished to be true IS TRUE!!!

(Actually, it is!)

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WillieHewes  WillieHewes is offline
Join Date: 09 Sep 2002
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
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I'm skeptical too, kirali. I'm a spiritual sceptic. The advantage of this is that I have no fear; when something scary happens I can just put it to my bad day or morbid subconcious, and not be disturbed by it. The next day, when I'll less likely to panic, I can take things more seriously and think about what it means. I believe my scepticism protects me and keeps me sane.

I believe in fairies, but not too much.
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TCarbonell  TCarbonell is offline
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I usually meditate to relax, and not for the purpose of 'seeing' anything. I think that if you meditate seeking a vision of some sort, you're trying too hard. I have seen spirits before, and other beings its never happened during meditation. It just appeared before me when I least expected it, usually, while looking out the window into the woods or at a park and not thinking about anything in particular. You gotta RELAX your mind. Don't CONCENTRATE on relaxing or it defeats the purpose. If you fall asleep, so be it. You might be getting visions in your dreams and not even realize it. I believe if you want to experience the elemental spirits, you gotta spend time outside, and just look around you and take in the environment. Don't try so hard to 'see' them. If you want more 'practical' advice, I once had an unexpected journey while having acupuncture done on my back. It was the first time that happened. The experience put me in a very relaxed state and I had a journey. My first and last since. SO - you might want to try that too.
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Thank you skytwig for explaining about the birds.They have been much more friendly of late,and come closer.
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Wisp Wings 

I am certain that faeries aren't scared and would stay away from any one having wind chimes and bells and such. For years I have had a bird whirly-gig, where the bird's wings are two separate pieces from the main body and a breeze causes it to spin fast. I also have two wonder music-makers, I like to think of them as, but yes they are my wind chimes. I have stated on this forum before of having birds, including my beloved hummingbirds, dragonflies (oh how I love those!), plenty of honeybees, and I just wrote of the squirrel today on a post here. I haven't seen fully a strong, solid form of a faery/fairy, but I have for years felt their presence more among my plants, the trees and my flowers than anywhere else. I feel most at peace with being in nature and that is my closest to get out in it.

If anything I think it is with the feelings we hold in and for an environment and with our own intent.

IF your intent is to keep them away, then you will at least not have an inkling of them. If you ask for help from an uncalled from source, you may sense it as being from some other spirtual presence due to how you have been with them. It could still really be coming from faeries, but the intent there is your seeking help, which they are want to do for you. The Powers To Be using them the same as like angels.

All manifestations, both solid in energy or wispy comes from the magic we have in thought and from that intent. Watch your intention and what that you wish for. Where we are today, is a result of are past thoughts and intentions.

I believe we feel, hear, listen and see with how we percieve and that can be magical. In this way, I have seen faeries and I most certainly have picked up on their urging me and directing me to follow a certain path. It is always in my control, even when I am sensing their wishes for me. I most often find that I develope my own tug toward a particular avenue to follow and it happens to be the same as the way they have ushered. I believe in looking back that they directed me to Frouds Faeries and Dorene Virtue's Fairies too and her book. I believe that why I was having the path that I was, in having her's first (even when I was wanting Frouds) was to work on my intellect that yes sane and intellgent people with big degrees can and do believe it this as being REAL. It also allowed me to see where that I have been guided with them before, that it was truly them. Plus to say that her fairies and book was a stepping stone in letting me know there is many, many more in Faery and to learn from this. I will even go so far to say I believe that it isn't by accident that "The Faery Oracle" Study Group happens to follow "General" Study Group. I believe it is yet another way for them to gain your attention and to look to them.
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WillieHewes  WillieHewes is offline
Join Date: 09 Sep 2002
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Posts: 214

There's good fairies and bad fairies, if you want to take a simplistic point of view. Windchimes did indeed serve to keep bad spirits (or fairies, the difference is not often clear, especially across linguistic and cultural borders) out. I don't think friendly fairies will be kept out by windchimes, the intent is an important part of any magic, also of the protective kind.

So don't sweat the windchimes.
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Kirali  Kirali is offline
Join Date: 24 Jan 2002
Location: Florida
Posts: 274

Thank you for all the uplifting posts!

Alissa: Yes I'm a little down because meditating is something that anybody can do and I can't seem to do it! hehe I'll give it a try again when I'm not so busy with school.

skytwig: Yes Ted Andrew's book caught my eye in the recent New Worlds catalogue. I went to Borders yesterday and saw it there so I picked it up. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, only looked through it. I'm glad to know that the green light means guides and not decay! hehe We have plenty of bugs and animals in this part of Florida so that's uplifting! (Can't go outside w/o getting bit )

TCarbonell: Thanks for the tips. I don't think I'll be getting any acupuncture done anytime soon since I'm not very fond of needles. The journey does sound interesting.

Wisp Wings: Yes these Froud Faeries caught my attention. They are so lovely. Sometimes I think about buying another set just so I can have an extra Himself card to keep out in my room.

WillieHewes: Yeah I'm not taking Edain McCoy's book as the truth. It just sort of put me off. Another thing she said is about how cats keep faeries away so another mark there. I have 3 inside cats and one outside one sooooo! hehe I'm glad that the windchimes only keep the bad faeries away. It does make sense.

Also I was sort of hoping that if the meditation rituals/sequences are not too sacred that some could post how they meditate sort of like so one could learn what works for others and could possibly try it. You know, for other unenlightened folk, although I don't think there are any more of my kind! hehe
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Join Date: 13 Aug 2002
Location: Perched with ravens, New Mexico
Posts: 4,700

From "Kundalini Awakening" by John Selby

The Breath Anchor method --

1. Without making any effort to alter or control your breathing, simply tune in to the actual physical sensations you feel in your nose as air rushes in and out the nostrils with every new breath .... Be sure to consciously relax your tongue and jaw....

2. At the same time, tune in to the sounds created by the air rushing in and out of your nose as you continue breathing ....

3. Right in the middle of your awareness of air rushing in and out of your nose, expand your awareness to also include the sensations of physical movement in your chest and belly as you breathe ....

4. As you remain aware of these breathing experiences, allow your awareness to expand to include the tip of your nose ... your hands and fingers ... your feet and toes ... your whole body here in the present moment .... Relax and enjoy the pure experience of effortless breathing and meditative calm ....

[And, another personal favorite of mine, which I find helpful even if you know nothing about chakras. You can start by simply envisioning the energy you feel moving up and down your spinal core, it's a great way to begin to awaken the energy centers in you.

But, remember to balance the energy at the heart level. If you feel too high, bring the energy into your heart. "Grounding" can mean centering. The heart is the energetic center of our chakras. And you can "come down" if you need to by becoming first aware of your breathing, and then your heartbeat, your body in the current moment. Settle back into yourself comfortable, just breathing....]

"Energy Pump" breathing

We are now going to explore a very simple way, through your breathing, to encourage a balanced flow of energy both up into your body from below, and down into your body from above.

1. As you inhale, consciously focus upon the feeling of energy flowing up from the earth into your Root Chakra, and on up into your higher chakras. Inhale slowly, as if drawing this energy up gently into your chakra system.

2. Now as you exhale slowly, open up to receive a spontaneous flow of energy from above. Experience a downflow of light, insight, and power into your body, moving through each of the chakras in turn until all seven chakras have been illumined from above and you are empty of air.

3. Then again, without effort, let your next spontaneous breath come rushing into you and allow energy to flow up from the earth nito your energetic system, all the way to the top chakra. (Rather than just imagining this, see if you can tune in to the actual energetic experience happening inside you.)

4. Again, after a full inhale, reverse the experience. Begin to exhale again, opening up to the downflow of universal energy into your personal system. Continue with this pattern for a number of breaths.

Hope these help!!!
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