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"A Message from My Spirit Guide" Spread

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"A Message from My Spirit Guide" Spread

"A Message from My Spirit Guide" Spread:
4 2
  1. What should I remember that I am forgetting?
  2. What is my Spirit Guide trying to tell me?
  3. What is the advice my Spirit Guide is giving me?
  4. What would be the outcome if I decide to follow this path?

Enjoy! Let me know when and if you use it...
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Thumbs up

oooh Kilted Kat!

I like this one!
Simple and easy... sounds good to me.

I'll let you know when I try this.
(working right now, but since this only takes a few cards, I'll fit it in)

Thanks so much for sharing with us!
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misskatie  misskatie is offline
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i like this a lot...i just did it and had some cool results!
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Martina  Martina is offline
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I like this one~~ I will also be passing this onto my former MIL, who reads the Fairy Oracle. She'll love it.
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Awesome spread, Kilted Kat! I just did this and received 2 messages from 2 seperate guides with one spread. The first message totally reaffirmed a past life spread I did last night, I have not yet "met" this guide, but I know she is here. Then, as I got to the Outcome card, I felt my Master Guide, White Feather, gently tell me to read the cards again while thinking of him and his main concerns about me. Very powerful! Thank you for sharing this spread!!

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I like this one a lot K_K. I get a little discouraged with the ones who try and figure out who the guide is. For me, this approach is more workable.

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Thanks for this spread! I just got a kick up the backside from my guide there...hehe!

I think the first card could also be seen as a 'where are you now' card - certainly the rest of the cards seem to be pointing to that from my spread. (8 of swords, chariot, ten of pents, nine of pents)
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Mr. Cheese  Mr. Cheese is offline
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Mr. Cheese 

I tried it. It's a simple precise spread. The answer I got was an amusing one. Certainly not what I was expecting. Thank you for sharing this spread.
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This was a really good spread. I got great advice from them through the cards. Very clear and just right to the truth.
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Great spread! I tried it and loved it even though I'm a bit confused on a certain part. Thanks for sharing =)
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