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Originally Posted by spinnachie View Post
I have quite a few decks under my belt, since I have started with Tarot, and I was wondering what the most anyone has ever paid for a Tarot Deck, and why?
The most I have paid for a hard-to-find deck that I really desired was $300, and I was on a limited budget and had to save for ages to scrape together the money. If I was on a larger income, I'd probably pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a deck that I wanted as much as that one.

Look, we see so many posts moaning about paying $40 or $50 for a deck-and-book set. Let me tell you something. I started collecting some time after I started reading, and I started collection seriously in the late eighties and early nineties. Since then, the purchasing-power of the dollar has fallen, as the cost of living has risen: I think I was buying a tank of petrol for my car for around $25 then, now it is upwards of $60. At the same time, everywhere you went, a Tarot deck on its own cost $40 or thereabouts: nearly two tanks of petrol. Now they are $25-ish, less than half a tank of petrol. Back then, deck-and-book sets cost around $90, over three tanks of petrol. Now they cost around $40 or so, just over half a tank of petrol.

Over the years, compared to the cost of living, Tarot prices have DROPPED radically. I don't mind paying a premium for an out of print or limited-edition deck, since I will have a unique object that will become only more precious as other people lose theirs or their descendants don't know what they have inherited and throw them out. And I never, ever moan about the price of new decks - I remember what they USED to cost, as a percentage of income, and nowdays they are gob-smackingly cheap.
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Originally Posted by Ebony View Post
Yep, that is it. The akashic version is the second edition of the starchild tarot. I heard the art from the first one was re-worked for the second (and some images replaced). There are some videos on youtube of people who have both editions going through them. They look similar but the akashic version just looks even prettier than the first! It seems some additional layers, colors and details were added to the images that were kept in the 2nd edition. I am just a sucker for pastel easter colors. Those soft pinks and blues really get to me!
Ah. Makes sense - you did say traditional version, which would have been the one I MIGHT have been tempted by. I'm not really into Akashic stuff.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Ah. Makes sense - you did say traditional version, which would have been the one I MIGHT have been tempted by. I'm not really into Akashic stuff.
Oh sorry about that. When I said traditional I meant the traditional tarot sized cards, instead of the non-standard large cards of the other printings.

To be honest I am not so sure there is much "akashic" going on in that deck. From what I read there is an extra card to represent the akashic records. Perhaps the guidebook is written differently though? I just assumed the addition of the word "akashic" was a marketing strategy to get people who already have the first edition to want the second, though I could be wrong!
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Originally Posted by Beanfeasa View Post
I'm curious, are you counting the shipping and customs (if applied) in the prices quoted throughout this thread, or deck only prices.
The most I've ever paid was 71 for pagan Otherworlds, that is including shipping.
Yeah I am going with deck only prices...although i have seen decks for sale on ebay that are like 10 bucks and then 40 dollar shipping ...which is ridiculous but a horse of a different colour

Originally Posted by RiverRunsDeep View Post
I paid $300 for my Bohemian Gothic Silver Edition deck. The shipping was an additional $10.

When I bought the third edition of the BoGo, I knew it was "the" deck for me. I knew that if the silver edition ever became available, I'd be willing to pay a steep price for it. I love the silver overlay, the artwork, the theme, and I have used it for absolutely everything.....readings, deck study, dream work, ancestor work, etc... I love it. Love it, love it, LOVE it!!!

I have seen threads where the OP asks about "burning house decks" as in, which deck would you grab if the house was on fire? For me, it is hands down the BoGo Silver. Sure, I could have waited until someone offered the deck for a cheaper price, but for those situations you need to be in the right place at the right time, and I never am, regrets about this purchase! It is a personal deck which I only use for myself. I won't even use it for forum exchanges or email readings.
I LOVE the images on this deck...i just did a google search...Im in love, I think this would be a deck i would fork over extra cash for if I had any lol
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My marker just moved on how much I would spend for a deck because I wanted a custom size version of The Book of Kaos Tarot. It will be worth it for me to have a user friendly smaller size deck with a more durable finish, so I'm happy about it!
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Daniloff was my most expensive deck, dont remember exact now the price but it was A LOT, I dont regret it, it is how I wanted then, but now I would not do it anymore.

I find ridiculous overpriced the modern decks, all kickstarters and etsy, I stopped with it just because I feel I am taken for a fool to pay so much for those cartoons. Old decks is another issue, then you pay for the time. Which is expensive.
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Ix Chel 

I will not pay more than 40 USD for a deck. My most expensive decks are the Fairy Tale Tarot from Lisa Hunt and the Vampyre Tarot from Ian Daniels.
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