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Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 304 : May 27 - June 2

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Green Faerie 

Hello VG! Thank you for the new thread!

I am going to go with my Victorian Fairy Tarot this week. It is so warm and homey, and I need that.
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Originally Posted by DaughterOfDanu View Post
I'm going to choose the Animal Totem Tarot this week. I love lots about this deck but the cardstock is abysmal.
So with you on this. Great deck, good book, horrible materials.
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Amberjune  Amberjune is offline
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I'm in this week with the Tarot of the Sidhe and the Wicca Deck.

Thank you for the new thread, VG!
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I haven't tried this Deck of the Week before, but there's no time like the present! I want to work with the Prairie this week.
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Hey Morwenna, welcome ! I hope you like it here its a nice way to go through one's collection, and maybe sometimes rediscover a deck that had been put aside.... and it's also a friendly crowd, and VG is super cool in looking after the thread community !
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Rose Lalonde 

Tabula Mundi Tarot & Naruto CCG Oracle

Odd combo, but the in-depth meaning of one and the (mostly) light hearted fun of the other are working for me. :)

Thanks, VG!
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"and you can't make me..."
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Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
VGimlet, would it be a help for you to copy-paste ? Tell us if it helps ?

Carojulie - Bohemian Gothic tarot & Sacred Bridges tarot & Wisdom of the Oracle
Thanks - it did help - but you don't have to format it for me. I have to re-format my own posts too, LOL.

Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
I haven't tried this Deck of the Week before, but there's no time like the present!
Welcome to the DOTW group Morwenna!
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How is it almost June already?! Ahhh!

Anyway, I'm going to go with the Wooden Tarot and the Earthbound Oracle this week. I think I've used them once in the last 4 months! I definitely need some reacquainting.

Also going to throw in the Visions Crystal Oracle because I'm going to a gem show this weekend! So many pretties to buy...
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I'll be using the Egyptian Tarot this week. The one by Silvana Alasia (I linked to it above because there are so many "Egyptian" Tarots. This is another one that was given to me (by my sister) and I've only used a couple of times.
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I'd like to spend another week with my Linestrider deck
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