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What's the postman bringing you? 2009 thread

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Post What's the postman bringing you? 2009 thread

Guidelines for this thread – Please read before posting

In an effort to stop these sticky threads from becoming too long and rambling, we have decided to close the old thread and begin a new one.

We would like to ensure that this thread stays on topic and doesn't become a 'Chat' thread with many off-topic posts.

This is not a thread to discuss the decks you already have in your collections.

Could you please make sure that you stick to the title of the thread and just list the decks or books you have recently ordered or are waiting for in trades?

It's also OK to post when decks are delivered but please begin a new thread if you want to talk about decks that have just been delivered.

Comments and discussions about where to find decks, scans etc are ok but please try not to take this thread into the realms of 'Chat'.

Any off-topic ‘Chat’ style discussions, whether about decks or not will be removed.

If you wish to discuss decks that you already own or are waiting for, please begin a new thread in Tarot Decks.

Thank you

Sulis and MeeWah – Moderators – Tarot Decks
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At present the only thing I am waiting for The Anna K. Tarot ..


ETA: this morning I received my wonderful Bohemian Gothic Companion Book from our own Gregory & it's just fab!
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Today arrived the wonderful "Golden Tarot" by Kat Black.
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Le Fanu 

Expecting the Enoil Gavat (Tavaglione) and the Meneghello Arcani XVIII (Majors) deck both from alida store.

Also 4 new tarot bags (in desperate need!) and the Dussere Etteilla Oracle des Dames from Playing Card Sales.
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Thanks to Leo62's extreme generosity: the Etruscan Tarot. Can't wait!
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I am expecting the Mystic Faerie and the Stella's Simple Tarot, these two are all very cutesy decks, excited!

Oh, oh! A few hours after posting the above, the Mystic Faerie arrived! Having forgotten that it's the book/deck kit I bought, I was wondering why the parcel was so big, lol!
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I am impatiently waiting on the Gilded Deck, and the Universal RWS, since my old RWS got demolished.
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I received Khara's LivetoBecome Tarot today. And I am still awaiting the Parakeet Yuletide Arcana and the Mouse Arcana by Beth Seilonen.
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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Still waiting on

du Roy Nissanka
Vandenborre Bacchus
Book of Kaos
Fortune-teller jigsaw
Songs for the Journey Home
Star that never walks around
Celtic (Gaudenzi)
Corte dei Tarocchi
Caring Psychic Family (six sets! )

I think that's it . . . ?
It wasn't . . .

Also Sol Invictus and Whispering from Tarot Garden.

I can't believe that this is taking so long . . .


ETA: Sol Invictus, Whispering, jigsaw and Songs just arrived!!!! What a wonderful visit from the post lady! I was even at reception when she drove up to the office - I opened the door for her as she was weighed down with all my packages and said, "I've been waiting for you . . . " ominously

\m/ Kat
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*little strangled "aarrrgh"*

the one afternoon I *had* to go out, after hanging around days, waiting, I missed the package today.

sooo.. the mailman will be back *tomorrow* to hand me the Wonderland Tarot that Hedera sent me.

"Missed it by *that* much" ~ M. Smart
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