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What's the postman bringing you? 2009 thread

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felicityk's Avatar
felicityk  felicityk is offline
Join Date: 25 Jan 2003
Location: MA, USA
Posts: 423

Tarot of the Sun King (Tarocchi del Re Sole) is on its way, and I am very excited.

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cardlady22's Avatar
cardlady22  cardlady22 is offline
Join Date: 12 May 2008
Location: southeast, USA
Posts: 22,679
replacing lost posts- JAN 09 orders

The Flower Speaks RCVD
Celtic Dragon Tarot RCVD

*ordered from tarobearslair*
Tarot de la Nature RCVD
Mystical Lenormand RCVD

~ ~ ~ ~
Universal Goddess Tarot RCVD 1/17
Universal Waite Pocket edition RCVD 1/15
Ibis Tarot RCVD 1/24
Lo Scarabeo Tarot RCVD 1/22
Universal Fantasy Tarot RCVD 2/5

Rune Cards set (Blum) RCVD 1/22
Celtic Tree Oracle RCVD 1/23 *had all but 2 cards*
Astrological Lenormand cards & book by Hildegard Leiding-Heinz ( RCVD 2/2

*ordered from tarobearslair*
Le Geomantic RCVD 1/26
Parfum de Vie RCVD 1/26
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BodhiSeed's Avatar
BodhiSeed  BodhiSeed is offline
Join Date: 14 Oct 2004
Location: Under a Sycamore Tree
Posts: 8,105

Thanks to Asher's excellent enabling, I'm expecting the Fifth Tarot.
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PAMUYA's Avatar
PAMUYA  PAMUYA is offline
Join Date: 13 Jun 2008
Location: under the Bodhi tree
Posts: 5,664

As a surpirse gift from my husband, I recieved Tarot of Dreams! Now I have all three of Ciro's tarot decks.
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rif's Avatar
rif  rif is offline
Join Date: 17 Mar 2008
Location: Ohio USA
Posts: 782


I'm expecting:

Mini LS Marseille
Tarot of the White Cats
Gay Tarot

Due to the way they were shipped, I should be getting one each day for the rest of the week... a nice little treat.
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Nightgarden's Avatar
Nightgarden  Nightgarden is offline
Join Date: 13 Apr 2008
Location: Germany
Posts: 523

I received the "Vertigo Tarot".
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MysticalMoose's Avatar
MysticalMoose  MysticalMoose is offline
Join Date: 31 Dec 2006
Location: Earth
Posts: 5,179

Ummmm! where have the posts from the past week gone???? from 12 hours ago theres nothing since "1 week ago"

Anyway.... I am awaiting:

My beautiful handmade twisted rosewood wand
Mary Greer s book of Tarot Reversals
Tarot For Yourself
Understanding the Tarot Court
Companion book for Pagan Tarot 2000
Wicca Spell Book
Llewellyn Witches Date book 2009
Enchanted Oracle
Every Day Magic
Radiant Rider Waite

EDIT!!!! ~ Just realised we crashed yesterday, that explains the missing posties!
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Nina*'s Avatar
Nina*  Nina* is offline
Join Date: 17 May 2004
Location: Denmark
Posts: 5,803

I just received one more Etsy Lenormand in a beautiful pink/rose bag.

Now awaiting:
Oracle Gé and Sibylle des Salons from Gavriela
A spare Anna K
Magical Course in Tarot (book)
Tarot bag from Prague... I WON IT!!!!

On preorder:
Dame Fortune's Wheel from Tarot Garden

(and the most gorgeous ring from Etsy - you can see it on my blog... not very tarotish, I admit)
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Annabelle's Avatar
Annabelle  Annabelle is offline
Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude
Join Date: 16 Jan 2005
Location: In the piney woods of East Texas, USA
Posts: 9,751

Currently awaiting the Paulina tarot and the Fifth tarot .
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truelighth  truelighth is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 2,102

I couldn't resist again. I just ordered the Split View Arcana and Baby of Thine Tarot by Beth Seilonen. Also awaiting the Fifth Tarot. I think I posted that before, but the post seems to have disappeared.

And I received my copy of the Parakeet Yuletide Tarot, also by Beth Seilonen.

Edited: Today I also received the Mouse's Tarot by Beth Seilonen
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