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What's the Postman Bringing You? 2010 Part 2

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What's the Postman Bringing You? 2010 Part 2

Guidelines for this thread – Please read before posting

In an effort to refresh these sticky threads each year and/or to stop them from becoming too long and rambling, we have closed the old thread and opened this new one.

We would like to ensure that this thread stays on topic and doesn't become a 'Chat' thread with many off-topic posts.

If you would like to list the decks you already have in your collection, you may do so here.

Please make sure that you stick to the title of the thread and just list the decks, books or other tarot-related items you have recently ordered or are waiting for in trades.

It's also OK to post when decks are delivered but discussion about decks should be done in a new or existing thread in Tarot Decks about the specific deck.

Any off-topic ‘Chat’ style discussions, whether about decks or not will be removed.

Thank you

Sulis, MeeWah and rwcarter – Moderators – Tarot Decks
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Right! well .....

All my stuff seems to be on it's way to me now... My Secrets of the Lenormand & Legacy Of The Divine have been dispatched & in fact I think Postie tried to deliver today as I have a card thru my letter box, I can collect from the P.O tomorrow...Also, I've had notification that my pre-order of Shadowscapes is now available & will be dispatched this week! So much for 1st June release eh? Yayyyyyyyyy!
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Tarot Orat 

Shadowscapes will be on its way when the Tarot Garden folks get back from the Reader's Studio , and the Gummy Bear Tarot that I bought on eBay has been shipped.

Plus, a gorgeous velvet Tarot bag from the lovely Minrice, and she is kindly making another bag for me!
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Still awaiting:
Grail Tarot - from the last swap meet here.
Cary-Yale Visconti - ebay
L'Oracle Bleu - from the trade forum
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Le Fanu 

My order from Mr Somerville just arrived; so I have my Comparative Tarot and my Majors only/LoS Tarocchi di Art Tarot of the Origins. Very pleased...
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Went to the post office today and picked up a beautiful Baba bag for my Fairytale Tarot, the Norse Tarot that I got from the lovely Nina in trade for the Hezicos(even came with a gorgeous little gift) and finally the amazing Granny Jones(thanks to the wonderful Wendywu)
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I just got an e-mail from the bookstore I mainly use in Finland, telling that The Shadowscapes Tarot is now available. Ordered right away! They say it will be sent in 5-9 days. Not so bad.
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silverwings94  silverwings94 is offline
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Location: New York, USA
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Just checked with Amazon and my Shadowscapes should be here on Tuesday April 27th. I am so excited I can't wait to finally see it and hold it in my hands.
Thanks Stephanie for creating such a beautiful deck.
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Susanne Röttges 

i have pre ordered it too, i order a few minutes ago the china tarot from dezhen der jen JOY!!
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MysticalMoose  MysticalMoose is offline
Join Date: 31 Dec 2006
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Posts: 5,179

Well its a nice saturday morning for me Both my Secrets of the Lenormand and Legacy Of the Divine have arrived The LOTD is even more stunningly beautiful than I ever imagined & Im chuffed to bits with it. I'm going to keep the book for holiday reading while I am sunning myself in Cyprus next week.
Curiously, I am finding that the decks I hesitate for AAAGES before ordering are the ones I really love in the end

Just waiting on the Shadowscapes now
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