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Mystical Cats Tarot - The World XXI

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Mystical Cats Tarot - The World XXI

A black and white cat is looking outside, sitting by an arched window.
The window and the visible portion of the wall around it are made of white marble stone. The arch of the window has a cinquefoil pattern (5 lobes) and we can see moldings representing each clan in between each cusp. From left to right, there is a seashell (Sea clan), a flower (Earth clan), a bird (Air clan) and a flame (Fire clan).
Through the window, there is a vast view of the landscape. Closer to us, there is a large grassy area with some scattered trees. Right behind there is a forest, with a body of water on the left and a bridge passing over it. Somewhere on the right, there is a building resembling a temple. Then the elements start to become unclear because of the distance. There is a lot of green, maybe some other constructions, a beach and finally the sea. The horizon line is white and curved. Right above the atmosphere looks white until it gradually becomes a bright blue. The very shiny Sun is visible on the right, there are some scattered white clouds and a few birds are flying off in the distance.

Colors : Cold/neutral tones (grey/white, green/blue). Gives off a fresh feel.

We've now reached the end of the Major Arcana, the end of the journey. A cycle has been completed and you might have found your rightful place in this world. This card is about completion. It's also about appreciating the present moment and everything that surrounds you. If this card appears in your reading, you can breathe out and relax because ''[t]he world is conspiring in your favor to bring you everything you need for peace and fulfillment.'' All your efforts were not in vain!

Symbolism :

Black and white cat : I wouldn't typically see any particular symbolism in the coloring of a black and white cat, but this one is especially half and half. I instantly thought of equilibrium and how a good balance must be achieved to reach the end of a quest or cycle. Black and white are often used together to represent the concept of the yin and yang (balance between opposites).

Sitting and gazing outside : Those actions represent the passiveness of the card. Everything has already been done, it's now time to enjoy the rewards.

Window : Opening to the outside world, symbolizes the possibility of freedom. It's sometimes used as a metaphor for the separation between the conscious and the unconscious parts of our mind. Here the window is large, wide open and the sunlight can easily come in, making the separation between the inside and outside world thinner.

Arched window : As we saw in a few other cards, arches are a symbol for new beginnings and possibilities.

White marble : Old symbol of purity and immortality. In lithotherapy, marble stones are used for mental clarity, protection and to help with the stability and structure of the mind.

Curved horizon line : Of course, the horizon line always appears straight, so this little fantasy catches the eye. It reminds us of the roundness of the Earth and the circular shape symbolizes wholeness.

Sun : Symbol of life, hope and happiness

White clouds : Symbolize clear thoughts.

Birds : Represent freedom, liberation.
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