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Self-published decks- what is your favorite?

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Trionfi della Luna is my very, very favorite so far. I also love Tabula Mundi and Mutational Alchemy, and Dame Darcy Mermaid (the third). Barring strange cardstock choice, I predict Brass and Steam will also become one of my self-published loves.

I've hardly ventured off the mainstream path of deck sources, and that's probably for the best, my wallet says. Independent artists are really bringing it these days.
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Owl Song 

MY FAVORITES - With a great deal of gratitude to each of these Magicians who created them!!

Both of M. M. Meleen's decks: Rosetta Tarot and Tabula Mundi -
She just puts so much heart and soul into her work. You can feel, firsthand, the passion with which she creates. Her decks are truly special. They are works of art.

J.D. Hildegard Hinkel's Tarot of Delphi - Everything about this deck is perfection. Cardstock, detailed LWB, quality of the images, thoughtful choice of paintings, and the cohesiveness of theme.

Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot Royal - Vibrant colors -- so rich! I love the larger size and the cardstock. Ciro is another amazing artist and he always produces such beautifully crafted, meticulous works.

Baba Studios Tarot of Prague - Any edition. But I love the third with its silky cardstock and eye-popping colors.
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Tarot of Delphi is beautiful- and I love how XV is the Siren- what an interesting take on it.

Great responses- I think it is amazing to have all these decks being discussed in a thread- getting their well deserved recognition.
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Victorian Romantic
Gilded Royale
Distant Past
Marie-Claude Purro (Adam)
Wild Unknown
Seven Fold Mystery
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I own two self-published decks and they're both wonderful and charming little things.

Cephalopod Tarot:

Fanuna's Tarot:
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Siavahda  Siavahda is offline
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As well as the Prisma Visions I absolutely adore the Tarot of Transformations - although I don't know if it counts; it was originally traditionally published, I think, but now is being self-published by the artist.

I have a soft spot for my Shadowhunter Tarot too, although that's more a novelty deck, not one I use for reading!
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Gosh, thank goodness there is a real treasure trove of them. But I can't really pinpoint a favorite.

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

Seven Stars's decks, particularly her Deck of the Bastard.

Baba --no question about it. Nary a dud.

Tag Jorrit --her whole line, which is mostly Lenormands but includes a few nice historical Tarots, like the one I covet the most, her Vanderborre.

Babalon's decks, both the Rosetta and the Tabula Mundi. I feel that, more than Tarots, she creates these wonderful little enciclopedias.

The incredibly versatile Lyn Narciso and all his creations, but particularly the Marcelo Inciso.

The Marseille Sophistiqué.

Uusi's Pagan Otherworlds.

Robert Place's every deck.

Neil Lovell's Tyldwick, a deck I let go of because it wasn't a reader for me, but that is an incredible work of art in its own right. (As are all his other decks.)

I could go on and on...
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I ignored Slow Holler for the longest time because the words 'collaborative deck' frighten me, but then I went and checked it out....ffffffffff.

Once I've worked my way through all the other decks I have's so gorgeous, I can't even.
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JylliM  JylliM is offline
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Location: NSW, Australia
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I neglected to mention wooden-eye's Bonefire. It's RWS-based, and I don't 'do' that much any more, but it's a standout. Physically, the cards are lovely and hardwearing (and a great size), but the main things are the art and symbolism. It's not a 'themey' deck, it has plenty of symbols waiting to pop out and chat at opportune moments, and it's aesthetically lovely.

Available now in mass market version by Schiffer. No, she didn't pay me to mention that.
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What a great (and enabling) thread.

My faves are Pagan Otherworld, Wild Unknown, Prisma Visions, Efflorescent. Beautiful decks.

One I really like from Etsy is Laughing Eye, Weeping Eye tarot. It feels like such a friendly comfortable deck when I read with it, I just love it.
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