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Do you have any of the 78 Tarot Decks or 78 Tarot Nautical {Tarot of Water}

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I have the 78 Nautical and I am really glad I have it.

The heteroclit style does not bother me, since it is a collaborative deck and advertized as such, I was not surprised. Also, I find that there is still a sort of unity despite the different artists, thanks to the common water theme and the general design.

When I ordered, there was an issue with my order so I had to inquire with the owner of the Etsy shop, and really, she was so SWEET ! So nice, understanding, just overall kind and nice. She did everything she could to make it up to me, and really, I am more pleased than ever with my purchase. The customer service is really top notch, and that is something that needs to be said.
If only for the kindness of the owner of the Etsy shop, I would say go and get one !
That is how nice she was.
I am really into supporting small businesses in general, but when the owner is so friendly and cute, it's even more important for me to support them (I have supported small businesses in the past eventhough the owner was grouchy, because I liked what they did and everybody is entitled to a grouchy day or two ; but when the owner is kind and helpful, it makes me even more willing to support... and in the case of 78 tarot it was really, really nice when I had to ask for customer service. When you inquire with an issue you are always wary - will they be understanding and helpful ? - and really I could not say enough good things about her kindness and help and general niceness)

Anyway I love my 78 Nautical deck, for the variety of art and styles, and for the watery vibe it gives me. The color palette goes with the chosen element well, and that helps give the deck a cohesive feeling. Also, I tend to classify some of my decks according to the element it makes me think of ; and I am glad to have a true Water deck to add to my selection.
That is why the new Astral tarot arises my attention. I would not mind a new Air deck, as this one seems to be. But, for the moment I cannot really afford a new deck, so that will have to wait, in the hope it doesnot go out of print too soon.

My only setback with the Nautical is the cardstock (not bad but could have been better) and the large white margins. I am thinking of trimming my deck. When I see the Carnival deck, it gives me an idea of what my Nautical would look without the vertical borders. I would trimm off just a little from the top and bottom but keep the name of the card and the name of the artist, because having the name of the artist is part of the fun for a collaborative deck like this one, for me.
I also have a feeling that the cardstock would feel better if the cards were a tad smaller.

Has anybody trimmed their Nautical deck ? Any feedback, to encourage me to take the scissors ?
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1st Reading is very deep and meaningful

I did my first reading with my 78 Nautical Deck. It is a really great reading deck. The message reading was very clear and very deep and accurate. I am glad that I connected so well with receiving the message. I'm thinking of keeping this as my new personal reading deck.

I also do wish the cardstock was a lot stronger as it does feel flimsy for such large cards. The cards are really interesting and beautiful cards. When I read the meanings I can totally see how the pictures go with the meanings. Some are pretty clever like the 6 of Swords.

At any rate, I definitely am very happy that I ordered this deck! I will definitely follow the Etsy owner and check out any other decks that she does. The 78 Nautical {Tarot of Water} is definitely worth the purchase! I have no regrets!

Thank you to everyone who is sharing in this thread! I appreciate all of your input!

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