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Ludy Lescot - The fives

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La Force 

Originally Posted by MaineGirl117 View Post
So I just realized after all this time (it's been almost 2 years I've spent with LL as my primary deck) that the 5 of Swords was pointing out my cat and her name.

Why? you might ask.... Her name is Grimmie... Grimm for short, and this fella sure does look Grim. She's my own personal version of Grumpy Cat. Extremely talkative, but in a mournful sort of way. How freak'n appropriate.
LOL, man don't ya just hate that when it take a long time until you figure it out. I had many moments like this with Ludy, she's good, real good at being vague, at moment, or you get side tract to another meaning, lol. Better now then never, right.

That is kewl that this card was pointing to your cat, Ludy pointed out a lot of cards for my Dog, Spice. gez we won't get into which cards those were, I'm sure you already know which ones, just by her name. lol

Ludy is also one of my top 5, everyday main reading decks. and always will be in the top, I so love this deck.

La Force
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How would you read these cards if they came up as the advice card in a (generic) reading?
Noted that often the cards come with a direct meaning relating specifically to something in the situation, but if they don't...

After mourning comes inevitable healing.

Calm down, center yourself and stop fighting yourself!

Choose your battles and methods wisely to ensure victory.

Forgive yourself and move on.
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Pam O 

The bundled up guy in the 5 of Pents almost seems like same guy that was clinging onto the 4 Pents. Anyone else feel that connection.... or not?
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Five of Cups

I feel this woman has lost her beloved, and the dude walking out the image has been conversing with the woman. He has had enough of trying to convince the woman to get over the beloved. Her emotions are overflowing / out of control.

I feel no sense can be spoken to her at this time, as her emotions are all over the place. She will heal, but she first needs to get the grief out of her system.

Five of Pentacles

This card to me is about society. The eye in the pyramid is a common symbol for the "All Seeing Eye" or the Evil Eye. These symbols denote those who run the world. If you join the illuminanti / masons you gain untold riches (whilst losing your morality). There is 5 pyramids in the window, which can donate the different 'flavours' of the illuminati, from the 13 bloodlines, to the CFR ~ Skull and Bones, and the 322. Pam does raise an interesting point, the man clutching the pentacles, maybe he thought he was rich beforehand. And now meeting the illuminati, the lady looks like she may have come out of the masonic hall.

How does it apply to forgiveness? She may have joined a society and it looks as though the dude walking away is upset, he looks like he is upset that he has been betrayed.

Five of Wands

The lady looks like she is being held back and she has red in her hair / corset. There is a lot of passion and the feeling of being in a battle, I am getting a feeling she is unable to express herself. So to me, this card is about being aware of your inner voice which is / or maybe conflicted. The more passionate you are, the more conflicted you are.

Five of Swords

The man seems to have swords going 2 different directions, which reminds me of a yes / no oracle. Yay or nay?
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