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The Wild Unknown Tarot - IV Wands

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Onaorkal  Onaorkal is offline
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I really like that everyone is struck by different aspects of the cards or take different approaches to study them.

I too saw an eye when looking at the card first!

But yesterday the Sun came up in a reading and I decided to look up for cards having similar patterns. The 4 of wands is the only other card that has all those rays bursting all around from the middle of the card.

The 4 of wands seems to be a "mini" Sun or a "partial" Sun. The Sun is about positive energy and enlightenment so we could say it's about partial enlightenment? A more focused energy than the one of the Sun (unrestricted and bursting everywhere)?

When looking at the 4 of wands I have the impression I'm looking at the sunlight through a window with half-closed curtains.

What do you think of the analogy with the Sun card?
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geoxena  geoxena is offline
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I pulled this card today, reading for myself, and I thought the center of it reminded me of an eye (the iris and pupil), and it seems to be peering through something. So, it made me think of focus. Then, the very neatly and precisely arranged sticks (wands) made me think of order and a clear-cut plan. With the eye and the sticks combined, and all the hard angles, I felt that for me the card was about holding a vision and directing my focus to achieve something, and that I need to be clear, careful, detailed, precise and to have things "lined up" well. This is all appropriate for where I am in my life today, and it related well to the other cards I pulled (3 of Pentacles, and 5 of Pentacles) and my question.

Of course, I read tarot intuitively and don't go by any traditional associations with the suits or anything like that. So, the next time I pull this card it will mean something entirely different, but I thought what it brought up for me today was interesting and wanted to share it.

Edited to add:
I posted before reading everything that others had written, and I like that some of you saw it as an eye, too.
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Please delete
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Thanks for this wloveandsqualor, I've never thought of the 4 Wands as a card of union but I like how you're seeing the wands representing people and the diamond in the middle as being a platform.. Do you think this is coming from the RWS image? I think I tend to read the Wild Unknown in a similar way to how I read the Tarot de Marseilles but that's one of the positive aspects of this deck; each image is seen in such a different way to different people and even in different contexts..
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