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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step TWENTYONE

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Originally Posted by nicki
Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has guided me through these steps, its been a very enlightening journey and one that I needed to make, so thanks guys you have been great.
Nicki, congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I agree with Dave, when done it really does feel sort of like graduation day *LOL*. I do hope you join us at the Adept level! Then we can all get our graduate school diploma together *ROFLMAO*
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I definately feel a sense of achievement, i must admit I stuttered about mid point but got back on track, as for the adept level, i'm going to have a look and see if I think i'm upto it.

forgot to say thanx to mary for such a great book.

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RWS - 5 of Swords and 9 of Pentacles

I did the first part of this Study with the 5 of Swords and the later part with the 9 of Pentacles and I thought that summing up on both of them would be a good idea.

The 5 of Swords is generally considered to be a difficult card. Both from this Study and from making posts about this card, including posts about it being a positive, I've learned some things:

The conflict shown in the card is over.
There are 5 swords but only 3 people in the card. Two of the people involved has already left the field.
There are multiple ways to react after a conflict, and one of them is to just walk away and get on with your life. I believe that is the major positive lesson in this card.

The 9 of Pentacles is generally considered to be an easy card, but like all the cards there is a range of meanings. After all, one can be alone and enjoy one's solitude or one can be lonely. The lesson here is that one can choose to enjoy solitude, and one can choose to invite other people into one's life and situation, and it is possible to do both of those things.


I choose to let go of my anger or grief and go forward.
I choose to love my moments alone, and fill them with joy.
I choose to open my heart and fill my life with the people I love.

My goal was to finish this Study before the year ended. The beginning of the Study was very easy for me. I'd done things like it before. The middle was harder. There was one step I just could not figure out how to do with the card that I had, so I skipped it. And so, it looks like I have attained my goal.
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You have done it and done it well. It is hard to say what another gained from this exercise, but it is easy to see small touches of deeper insight, understanding, curiosity, imagination and confidence in every other sentence. I'm sure you realize these things yourself.

We are holding at step six in the "Adept" level of this exercise and may either go to step seven or do another of our special side-exercises as a means of testing ourselves while we have some fun with what we have learned. We'll see a bit later this week. Again, congratulations. Dave
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21 ways step 21.

21 ways step 21

The Hermit

This situation was worth it because I develop the ability to tackle my problems by going directly to their root. I can now search out my motivations and feelings towards problems when they occur. I shed light on them and solve them in a positive and reflective manner. I can now seek out help when I need it and not stand alone.
Key words:
Reflection and searching, guidance and help, light and growth,

I would like to understand my motivations for doing things I do in a deeper way. To truly understand who and what I am. I would like to understand my history that follows me through my life and in what way it influences my ability to seek help?

I am willing to seek deeply within and learn about myself, and to help others by guidance and my own experiences.

These last steps have gone quickly for me, because Iíve had some free time and have made tarot the top priority. In coming so far I feel that the Hermit is truly a part of me now. My goal is to make my own affirmations for each of the cards. Not for the sake of it, but for the journey it gives.

This has so far been an uplifting and a huge learning experience. I go forward to the next level
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This brings a nice sense of accomplishment, doesn't it. Take a breath. See you soon on the other side. Ha. Dave
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Congrats Verdi-excellent!
See you in the adept
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Tarot of Prague

This situation was worth it because I learned more than I ever thought possible about myself and how I want to conduct my life.

Key words:
Emotional maturity, confidence, determination

Emotional maturity -- I would like to be able to trust that in times of crisis, I can rely on myself to respond like an adult, to do the right thing.

Confidence -- I would like to be able to contact my center of personal power whenever I feel frightened or unsure.

Determination -- I would like to know that, once I have seen what needs to be done, that I can carry through on the path I have set out for myself, even when it becomes difficult.

In times of difficulty I am able to contact my own personal sense of power whenever I feel unsure, and I rely on this power to keep myself on the path I have chosen.


I am happy to have come this far. I may take a break before tackling the Adept level. I need to figure out my next step.
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Thumbs up

Congrats Prisim!!!
You did a great job, and I enjoyed following your steps. Hope to see you on the next part
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21 Ways Step Twenty-one RWS The Emperor

21 -1

These are the qualities I want to develop:

Confident: means to be comfortable in my own skin, be knowledgeable in my endeavors, and of my environment.

Strength: handle everything that comes at me with competence, empathy and grace.

Courage: accept any challenge the universe presents, compassionately, lovingly and patiently.


I am living my truth courageously.

I am aware of the power that comes with the Emperor and how easily it can slip to the shadow side i.e., controlling, dictatorial, overbearing, and intrusive. I know that I must always act for the highest good in all that I do.
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