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Ludy Lescot - The Four Aces

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How would you read these cards if they came up as the advice card in a (generic) reading?
Noted that often the cards come with a direct meaning relating specifically to something in the situation, but if they don't...

Learn to recognize the happiness and joy of life's every moment.

Allow your passions to arise naturally and carry you forwards.

Remember that the mind is the instrument that forges the future.

In all worldly endeavors move with the heart; beware of superficiality, whether deliberate or otherwise.
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My Interpretations:

Ace of Cups

She appears to be the sidekick of the hand of the cups. Who looks to have more masculine hands, I feel a magician's assistant. Could the 7 chakras (the beads on her forehead), be connected to emotions? We need to cooperate with the universe to manifest things?

I see blue and aqua colours jumping out to me, so this could be the opening of wisdom as well. The rising rain indicates to me that what is about to occur in your path is flowing against the tide of "normality"

Ace of Pentacles

This card yells to me that this is the High Priestess in today's masculine society. The gold of the drape and the mask indicates the masculine imposing on her. Has she got a second job in a brothel?

Her red hair and purple rose is interesting as it says to me, "Passion manifesting". i.e. using your 3rd eye to do creative manifestation of your passions, and voilą! Riches here there and everywhere. The coin also interests me too. Is this HP benefiting or abusing ancient wisdom to manipulate abundance? The action the hand is doing says, abundance or not, here I come!

Finally, the pearls having this lilac crown chakra colour. Using the sacred wisdom she has within to express her truth, which comes direct from the universe, and in turn, ensures her abundance. Even her eyeshadow and nightie (?) has this mauve colour.

Ace of Wands

This is a long one, take a cuppa to read.

First of all, I see two layers in the mask, one layer being the material, the other is what we see in it.

1. The material - dried out by the "air" wood, perhaps saying that fire doesn't burn without fuel. Air fuels fire, mind fuels creativity. (Interesting with the colour as I will show later on). Also the LWB mentions about the different senses. So symbolism is about using all your senses. But, most immediately air for the creative projects, and fire for the action. Kinda like giving you a "come on".

2. I can't believe no one has picked up on this already. The shape! We see twigs, which are like antenna to the universal wisdom, & there also is a gap in the mask as well. Something is incomplete, however, there is a gap for the 3rd eye.

Could this be preventing you from evolving, as per the salamanders message. Another thing I find interesting is the stance of the salamanders, the fingers / toes outstretched five senses acting as our feelers. And the fact they are over her breasts! Is one wanted to be slightly lewd, the salamanders appear to be looking down her breasts.

The colour brown is interesting, check this link:

"The Meaning of Brown:

Brown is a Masculine Color and combines elements of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue. Brown is not an Earth Color, but an Air/Fire- thoughts that create- with the South-East as it's direction. Brown moves in the intellectual body, the reasoning, the memory both of this lifetime and others and is deeply connected to home. It is excellent for students, teachers and historians and can be inviting, comforting, stabilizing and secure. Brown wants peace. It is the best color when you need to think things through or re-connect to your roots.

The Brown Personality:

Brown people can have problems with authority. They can either be so fearful of not being the boss that they become totally un-cooperative or so want to please the boss that they cannot think for themselves, preferring to agree with what ever others say.

The person wearing Brown might be feeling like the one who is always stepped upon so ask their opinions and really listen to what they have to say. They are quiet because they are trying to not be any trouble, but they have good reasoning, detail memories and well thought-out, stable ideas.
Wear Brown when you want to present a stable and secure character and others will gather to you and rally around your suggestions."

Isn't it interesting that air / fire is in the colour?, combine that with the mask symbolism. Quite profound in itself. The man's glove is brown from what I can see it, could he be this boss? The cane in itself is interesting that canes are often seen a phallic, male and female connection here, And to run the risk of being phallic again, she is wearing brown in her choker around her throat, and that instantly screamed to me oral sex. Take charge with her speech, or her actions?

The gold cane head. (The sooner these phallic imagery comes out the better). I thought the duck was a boar when I first seen it. Turn it around and you get a lion. One side courage, the other fear. Also her expression looks as though, "I am undressing you with my eyes!.

Finally, we see a window with panes, which looks out to a dark night, uncertainties? Are unsure of progressing further as you like your creature comforts? Uncertain path ahead?

Ace of Swords

Mainegirl 117 gave an absolutely superb analysis of the card, this is my personal suit as a gemini, and therefore quite a lot of information came out for me. Thank you Mainegirl 117.

First of all, we are seeing the colour brown again, the connection between air and fire again. However, what is interesting is the gold an emerald on the end tips and around her eyes of the mask. Prosperity and abundance in thoughts. I also find it interesting that there is a jewel around her 3rd eye. "Jewel of the Crown?"

This is something which I find very interesting. Air signs can suffer from nervous issues and can be sensitive to auric energy. We usually can't see it ourselves, but we can use crystals to help with this invisible "system". Which in turn, can help us see what has come before us and what will come. The sword in the stone instantly made me think of this. "Truth is a double edged sword." To be truly authentic in our life, we need to perhaps address some unsavoury truths.

Beside the sword in the stone, we see some barren grass growing beside a rock and on the other side, we see a lot of grass. This indicates a clear up of the energy field for growth to occur. In the card we can see this also with the veil covering the strap of the dress. Invisible energy cords connected to us needing to be addressed as well, to get movement for our crow & 3rd eye chakras.
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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
The Four Aces are here.

No they're not lol
webpage unavailable

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Tossing in my thoughts

Just received this deck today and find it uncomfortable. Probably because of all the male domination of young girls and the sad/bleak outlook. But I wanted a darker deck and this is definitely one:

Ace of Pentacles looks like a prostitute. The male hand is flipping her a coin and she has a resolute look like she has "been there, done that" before. Not cheerful but we do what we have to for money sometimes. To me she looks sad or drugged.

Ace of Swords again looks like a prostitute with a male hand offering her the cup. Less depressing than the pent. card though. Someone mentioned liquid going "up" from the cups --- there are several examples where the LWB mentions losing the emotion by hanging on too tightly to power (king) or chain on heart (queen) (paraphrasing from memory) but the liquid is rising from the cups there too.

Ace of swords: she is stronger (but her cleavage is untied). The sword is not hers. It is waiting for a king..... but not this king. In fact, I just examined all the swords and this sword does not show up anywhere else. We are still waiting for the worthy king to show up or maybe I'm all messed up and it IS hers but not according to the LWB -- ah, the LWB mentions "...the justice of a king with no throne is often revenge." And our king here has no throne. So, the Ace and the King LWB defs refer to another king --- maybe the one on the 4??? Can't quite make out the handlewrap pattern on his sarcophagus.

Ace of wands --- another male dominated young submissive woman. His commanding gloved hand holding the staff/wand to control her -- almost like she is drugged.

I get the feeling that the LWB defs are sometimes really disconnected from the bleak, suicidal, apathetic, drug-addled girls we see depicted here. I will need to keep working on coming to some sort of arrangement with this deck. Now onto that depressed-looking queen of swords..... sheesh!
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