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Ludy Lescot-The Four Twos

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Two of Chalices

"Abandon yourself to the joy of sensation and learn to feel with all five senses."

The advice card in a reading- go ahead and do it!

The five senses part was an interesting element for me, in this reading it seemed to me to suggest that other than the more obvious carnal elements, there were other 'sensations' to be relished. Some of the emotional components that we traditionally associate with the Chalices, for instance.
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Two of Pentacles

"The dance of waiting has the unique partner of one's own heartbeat."

What do you make of this card in a reading, for example as the advice card. Is it something about patience when having to wait? Or to enjoy life even while alone? That is, even when alone you have a unique partner, your own self.
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How would you read these cards if they came up as the advice card in a (generic) reading?
Noted that often the cards come with a direct meaning relating specifically to something in the situation, but if they don't...

Let yourself go and enjoy it!

If wishing to gain influence, take the long-term view.

The stalemate is for you to resolve, peacefully.

Spending time by yourself can be fruitful and engaging too.
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Pam O 

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Any ideas why is this 2 of Wands so focused on books, words & writing? There is even a quill for writin a letter. Are wands thinking and air here, instead of fiery passion?
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My Interpretations:

2 of Chalices

The couple to me look like they could be somewhere tropical and isolated. Could be hidden by trees. I don't see anything for a ship to single that out. The lady looks lost in her emotions, whilst her man is able to pour water into a chalice without spilling? (He has his eyes shut also.)

There are 2 symbols which I notices, one previously mentioned - the net, could it be that they work together fishing? She doesn't look like as thought she couldn't afford to be there. And the 2nd item is her pendant, to me, it looks like a fertility charm, and the couple's hands are intertwining. If you look at the pendant it has two like snakes (kundalini energy) surrounding this one person? Also the lady is giving us a saucy flash of her stockings to make us think we are indulging in some voyeurism. To me, this card has a feeling of a forbidden romance, or some rituals to get her herself up the duff!

2 of Swords

The lady / girl in the card appears to look like, "Um, what the hell?" There is a storm behind her, she has come through this storm and appears to me wounded both mentally and physically. This is a card about not second guessing yourself, which I think she did!

2 of Pentacles

This card a la RWS is the balance card. The female in the card, (she looks quite young bless her!), looks to be anything but balanced. Unless it is the fashion trend of this deck, she is quite upset. There is a fog and the vines entwined. I feel that she is a bit eeeek at the unknown as it is so engrained into her this energy of balance.

I also notice that she seems to be holding onto a breast, "Keeping a breast of the situation"? Finally there appears to be a crack in the wall, and the lower rosette. Could there be kinks in your armour?

2 of Wands

I am not sure of the RWS 2 of wands, but this young lady defo seems to be a scholar, she is either doing her studies and this book is her reaching out to her beau, or the lass got a bit too emotionally involved in the literature. There is a reaching out to her, so it could be that she got sidetracked from doing what she was doing.
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