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Phantasmagoric - 7 of Cups

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Little Baron 
Phantasmagoric - 7 of Cups

Todays card is the 7 of Cups.

I am so glad this one made an appearance. I always get such a warm feeling when I see that little guy bouncing around in his box; arms open and a look of surprise on his face. I wanna bring him home.

Aside from the little box guy, there is another figure. He is dressed in a stripy top and shorts and wears to hand puppets. On the floor are the eight cups and some books. Behind them is what looks like a trailor. I can't really make out what is on it - blocks and some sort of stripy ball. Maybe they are packed up boxes and a sleeping bag. If this is part of the theatre and it is a trailor (has wheels), then maybe the larger guy is saying goodbye to the litlun in the box. Maybe that is why the little one looks so surprised and a bit destressed.

I like both of these characters. At first, I thought the larger one had a black eye and was wearing boxing gloves LOL.

The number on the 'trailor' is 7. The box with the little guy in has hearts around it . I understand this to mean that their is some sort of good friendship betwee the two. The books, for me, symbolise a stage of more learning, education and broadening that needs to be taken.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Scoop realises his days of being a glove puppet master in the Water Cup Desert are limited. He is faced with emotional confusion. His most loyal fan, 'X', the box toy, wishes him to stay. But Scoop is realistic and knows his priorities. Using his dreams constructively, he has decided to head for the theme parks.
The seven of cups represents confusion about our priorities in life, which is important. Being realistic.
RX: daydreaming, make believe"

Oh ... poor 'X'. Maybe Scoop could literally scoop 'X' up and fit him on that trailor.

Best wishes

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I think Scoop reaches down into one of the cups and pulls out a tiny glove puppet that he made especially for X. Just as Scoop is following his dreams, so X must make his own path. X may not choose to become the Glove Puppet Master of the Water Cup Desert like Scoop did, but the contents of the other cups may hold the inspiration for X's future.

X is just so cute!


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Seven of Cups

I thought he had a black eye too, but now I see it's a big black button. Are those stitches on top of his head? He does look like he's been beat up a bit.

I think that trailer is his portable theater, and he travels around the Water Cup Desert and does his sock puppet show for the kids. He's not tied down to anyone or anyplace, he can go where he wants when he wants, but sometimes it's more difficult to choose when there are so many choices. Maybe "X" will help him decide.
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On the 7 of Cups, Scoop is confused: heís leaving to go to the Theme Parks, but X is trying to convince him to stay. I think Scoop realizes that he has to make a definite decision, but instead he silently watches X and smiles a bit sheepishly. He doesnít seem ready to say goodbye yet.

Maybe X symbolises the part of Scoop that clings to the situation he is in, that tells him that things arenít that bad where he is right now. But deep down, Scoop knows that he canít stay and that he needs to be down-to-earth.
I was thinking about the scar-like mark on this forehead and think it might show that something shook him up, that something had an impact on his way of thinking and made him realise that he had to be more realistic.

I noticed Scoop still has his glove puppets with him (Graham writes that Scoop is a glove puppet master). I think this shows that being realistic or making a reasoned decision doesnít mean giving up what you enjoy doing (rather, you can take what you enjoy a step further).

There are seven cups, two dice, and a few books spread out on the ground. Part of what Graham writes about dice seems very apt here: ďDice do not always roll the way we wish them to, but direct us on a path to progress.Ē The various cups may show that Scoop has to sort out his feelings and has to decide whatís important for him right now, and what isnít. The books could show that he has to make use of his acquired knowledge.
Scoop also has to choose what to take with him on his little cart to the Theme Parks. There are some (building) blocks already on the cart, perhaps showing the potential for constructiveness and creation.

I definitely understand Scoop; I still havenít decided what Iím going to study next year at college and have been putting off even thinking about it. Itís time to start thinking about my future, I guess !

Originally posted by Yaboot001
The books, for me, symbolise a stage of more learning, education and broadening that needs to be taken.
Originally posted by Melvis
Just as Scoop is following his dreams, so X must make his own path.
Originally posted by Xarokys
I think that trailer is his portable theater, and he travels around the Water Cup Desert and does his sock puppet show for the kids.
I like these ideas!

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