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Please leave a tarot card behind before the purple curtain falls

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Join Date: 02 May 2008
Location: At the foothill of the mountain
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Some of my favorite Three of Cups images

Some of my favorite Three of Cups images to share with you.

Three of Cups:

Seems to represent all we are about here. Friendship, fellowship, community, family.

From left, clockwise: Rohrig, Chronata's All Hallows, Tarot of Trees, Victorian Romantic, Chronata's Penguin Parade, Baroque Bohemian Cats.
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8 of Cups - my favorite card in general - moving on because you have to, even when it hurts and even when you love what you leave behind.
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Puppet Master 

The Moon I've always found it reveals more truths than illusions or dreams. Though this like many other things will become like a beautiful dream that has already passed.
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6 of Swords for me. Keeping calm when things around you are not going well or disaster has struck. Moving on and forward to better times. I always look at the 6 of Swords if choosing a new deck and one of my favourite depictions of it is in the Victorian Romantic.
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My favorite tarot card of any I have ever seen is the 10 of swords in the Bohemian Gothic deck by MRP. I could stare at this for hours. The picture says so much and the artwork is so heartbreakingly beautiful. If I could only have one tarot card this would be it.
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Gwynydd  Gwynydd is offline
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Location: Australia.
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I'm going to leave the Death card To an ending and a new beginning. The memories will live on.

And I have a song to go with the card:
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I'm leaving the Magician from the Magical Forest. What we wish, we shall create.
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The Hanged Man
-To gain something you need to sacrifice something, to give away. It is the order of the things.
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Moon Lover
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I pulled one:

Ace of Wands

The show must go on... fresh start, new spark.

This is AraLuck signing off and closing her own purple curtain! Until I see you all again my lovely AT-ers
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Hope everybody can see the Sun and I hope we all will reunite some other place.
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