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Please leave a tarot card behind before the purple curtain falls

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truelighth  truelighth is offline
Join Date: 16 Mar 2002
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 2,102

I will leave Death from the good ole RWS here.

Death, because Death stands for letting go of old things, so you can make place for the new.

AT will stop in just a few hours. Nothing will change that. So it is time to let go, so we can go to new places, make new connections and have new conversations.
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danieljuk's Avatar
danieljuk  danieljuk is offline
Sad Oracle
Join Date: 23 Nov 2011
Location: London, United Kingdom
Posts: 8,828

For me the 6 of Swords from RWS.
My journey on AT was away from a bad mental place where I had negative thinking. I journeyed on water and discovered my emotional and intuitive side that I really opened up to. Sometimes the boat got stuck in circles and sometimes I had to watch for the Swords still in the boat travelling with me but I've made a far distance away from land and I feel very supported.

AT for me was a intuitive and emotional journey away from my usual thinking processes and was a retreat I'm still travelling but can leave this behind.
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SixDegrees  SixDegrees is offline
Join Date: 24 Dec 2006
Location: Arizona, USA
Posts: 949

I'll leave the Four of Wands from the good old RWS. To me, the card has always been one of networking, community, and public sharing. It represents the part of ourselves that is necessarily implicated in others. That's how I've always thought of Aeclectic.
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VioletEye  VioletEye is offline
Join Date: 25 Apr 2013
Location: the deep south
Posts: 521

for me, i leave the eight of pentacles.

i'm a jeweler by trade, and though i generally see myself as the queen of wands in readings, this card has also always represented me, for myself. the working, the industriousness, the patience, the craft. it will always be a card of artistry and endeavor, and something i should never forget.

xo, AT!
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zhadee  zhadee is offline
Join Date: 09 Dec 2014
Location: gone
Posts: 4,894

ahoy mateys,

so be it the last tarot card. I chose the Moon from the Pirates.
First, because I think this is my favourite card and second because it's the one I picked for the last day alive of AT.
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Kahlie's Avatar
Kahlie  Kahlie is offline
Join Date: 29 Apr 2004
Location: Holland
Posts: 4,256

I'm choosing The World;
The end of an Era;
The end of a Journey;
Yet still, also a new beginning.

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Eno  Eno is offline
Join Date: 14 Feb 2010
Location: Berlin, Germany
Posts: 140

The Tower from the Thoth Tarot
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Princess Mina  Princess Mina is offline
Join Date: 07 Feb 2015
Location: Australia
Posts: 3
Princess Mina 

I leave behind the Wheel of Fortune from the Universal Waite, which was the top card on my deck next to my computer when I heard about the shutdown.
Life is full of ups and downs. Things change, nothing is forever. But this too shall pass and we shall rise again.
Thank you all for your wisdom. Your knowledge has been invaluable.
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*Isobel*'s Avatar
*Isobel*  *Isobel* is offline
Join Date: 02 Apr 2017
Location: UK
Posts: 32

Thank you everyone for thousands of inspirational and motivating post. We are leaving this port to continue the great journey to find the true self.
Attached Images
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Stormdancer's Avatar
Stormdancer  Stormdancer is offline
Join Date: 16 Feb 2006
Location: Chicagoland, USA
Posts: 52,967

I know I've already done one but I'm doin' another. This deck was one of the first I got from here. And the image kinda speaks to how I feel...Onward...
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