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Please leave a tarot card behind before the purple curtain falls

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From the Tarot Pink collaborative deck...
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The Moon.... would it be anything else?
The magic, the mystery, the cycles and changes... the dark and the light and all that is and will be hidden.
And when the Moon rises.... out comes the owl
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The Thirteenth Moon
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Originally Posted by haleyw View Post
Do you use this deck?
I honestly had no idea it even existed before I picked out that card to represent the HPS I wanted to "leave behind." I've always viewed the HPS as the quintessential mistress of divination (and therefore "avatar" of us tarot readers). And I was delighted to see that there was, indeed, a deck creator who saw her that way as well and had done such a lovely job actualizing her in that role.

Now that I've seen the deck, I might well consider getting it. It's got some great imagery.
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The Death card from the Hudes deck. It has always been one of my favorite cards, and I love the symbolism. Something is dying, but it is bringing forth a butterfly which is hope for the future.
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8 of cups--on to new and (with some hope and some sadness) other if not better things. Good bye all. I hope I see you on the various other forums very soon!

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I leave the Fool card, one of my personal favorites. After all of our years together we are all a little like the Fool as we each set out on the next phase of our tarot journey. We are more open than ever to whatever new adventure calls to us from the incredible universe of the Tarot.

Namaste my loves - it's been amazing!
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10 of Cups

10 of Cups:
RWT deck with the couple's back toward us (goodbye), and them facing the rainbow. A happily-ever-after future, a bright future to look forward to!

Thank you, All. I learned a lot from you. I hope to see you at another forum. I will register as BlueSun again.
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isthmus nekoi 

I'd like to leave the 3 of discs because it makes me think of the dynamic teamwork that was required to create this community. Contributing to a project of learning and sharing from each other with respect and enthusiasm and focus. When I think of the daily, mundane tasks and responsibilities of moderation, or the organizing of astrology lessons, these virtual acts still feel like honest, meaningful labour to me, work accomplished among friends. I'm grateful for everything all ATF members have achieved together.
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3 of Cups 

I would like to leave my favorite card and often the most beautiful in many decks--the Star-- a card of hope and inspiration.
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Originally Posted by Glass Owl View Post
Before the purple curtain falls, here is a thread for sharing the name of a tarot card you'd like to leave behind on the ATF stage.

Please feel free to include your reason why you have chosen that card if you wish.

As BlueDragonfly put it in another thread, we are "leaving behind a message for those who come in the future to read, to feel the heartbeat of tarot and what this community has meant to so many."
I've been on quite a journey since I joined here over 12 years ago. I met some great people and learned a lot. I wish everyone I knew and everyone I have yet to know, luck and love.

I leave The Sun. My favourite card - may it open your eyes, reveal the truth, bring you healing and joy, help you communicate with your inner child and help you grow.

I've edited to say: The Sun from the Original Rider Waite deck of course! My first deck and the one I use the most.

Take care all, love cari x

I have my own tarot site if anyone is interested called the serpentsegg forum.
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