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I would also like to see some reversal readings. I myself usually don't read with reversals, just kind of go with my intuition and determine if it should be reversed or not dependant on the surrounding cards. However, having said this i would still like to have some reversed meanings available because i am not always sure how to interpret cards which are "ill dignified".

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For Fluffy

Who said "reversals" are ill dignified. I did a 12 card reading in which 8 of the cards were reversed -- and many of them were "good" given the position and context of the spread and relative to the question. Reversed cards can have good meanings. Dave
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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Who said "reversals" are ill dignified.
"Dignity" is a general term for how all the cards relate
to one another, usually according to suit and element.
"Ill dignified" is just a fancy way of saying contrasting.

A reversed card is referred to as "ill dignified" without any
suggestion of negativity ~ it's just 19th century slang.
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Join Date: 07 Jan 2005
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Ill dignified


Perhaps i should have been clearer on what i meant. I meant "ill dignified" in the sense that Fulgour spoke of ie the 19th century sense. I understand that reversals are not necessarily negative and that is why i suggested that i personally would like to see some reversed meanings for the Fey as although i do not use physical reversals, i sometimes feel that the cards surrounding the card to be read suggest that it should be a reversed meaning (ill dignified). I am not always sure what those meanings should be and would like some experienced Fey readers interpretations of the reversed meanings.

Lots of love

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Hi fluffy,

I do readings in the same way.
In my opinion keeping a list with two meanings make it harder to read the cards if you don't use reversals.
You just have to take in mind a meaning is blended more then using two systems at once.
(one being only upright and the other with reversals)
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