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Favorite & Least Favorite Fey

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fey at play

It seems that the Fey are awaking from a slumber-
people are starting to talk about them again

about 6 months ago I selected 14 Fey cards- I hand picked them.
7 of my favorite, and 7 least favorite....
Since they had been hybernating, I left them alone. It's been a few weeks, but I have been thinking about how I miss them.
so- encouraged by another thread- I decided to do this little excercise again.....and just see how things have changed.....this is not easy- so far my pile is half & half...uhg...
{narrowed down to 13 after three rounds of elimination for the favorites- uh now 10...just 3 can't be that hard---oh- finally- after suprisingly eliminating the Moon & Emp}

seven favorites in no particular order-
Queen of Cups~7 of Pent~ V Wisest~ King of Cups~ 3 of Wands~XXI World~ II Seer

{the least fave....grr...rather than eliminating cards- I have to go through and pick out more after the first round of selection!}

least favorites in no particular order-
Knave of Swords~ 9 of Cups~ 10 of Wands~ 4 of Cups~ 10 of Swords~ XX Judgement~ 7 of Cups
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Well the Fey only recently found themselves in my home.

I decided to try this exercise, too, except I chose my 3 favorite and 3 least favorite (three is my favorite number). Here is what I decided (although I am sure in a few months this could change, once I get used to the deck):

Favorite -

The Empress - I just think this is a sweet card while at the same time signifying someone in control and protective.

The Moon - In tarot decks in general, the Moon is my favorite card and often makes or breaks a deck for me. I do love this rendition of it, however.

Ace of Chalices - I love the imagery that the Fey's hands form the chalice - it is a nice take on a familiar theme.

Least Favorite -

Ace of Wands - The tree growing out of the Fey's back just freaks me out, lol.

Three of Wands - Looks like a scene in a bad videogame.

Justice - This one doesn't bother me quite as much, but the Fey reminds me too much of an alien - makes me want to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind again.

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pirate borealis
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Laura Borealis 


It was really hard for me to pick least favorites, as there are no cards in this deck that turn me off. (That's really unusual for me; every other deck has had at least one card that bothered me, either because the symbolism was all wrong for me, or I didn't like the art.)

I settled on the Queen and King of Cups as least favorites. I wish the King had eyes instead of those Little Orphan Annie empty spaces... the blank eyes don't bother me in some other cards, but in this one, I want to see expression there. With the Queen of Cups, I love the picture, her contemplative expression, how she looks like she's almost about to smile... but there just isn't enough color. Maybe it's the print run, but my Queen of Cups is just so washed-out looking, and it feels wrong for this card.


There are many, but I tried to narrow it down.

Minor arcana --
5 of Pentacles. I get so much from this one.

2 of Chalices because the artwork is sooo perfect. These are the colors I'd like to see on the Queen of Cups.

The symbolism of the Knave of Wands is wonderful, that spark of creative fire, just beginning to sprout.

And the Queen of Wands, because she looks like my sweet friend Elizabeth, who is not pregnant, but who is close to birthing a wonderful project (a new vegetarian restaurant!)

Major arcana --
The Wisest. I have a teeny problem with Hierophants because of using the Robin Wood deck for so long (her Hierophant really turns me off) and because of a weird unexplainable dislike I took to the Thoth one. Renaming him The Wisest, and then his depiction, makes it all better for me, and I feel like I can listen to his sage advice instead of feeling resentful of his authority.

The Wheel -- it's just so delightful, isn't it?

Death playing chess is so perfect. The Seventh Seal meets Neil Gaiman's Death.

The beauty in The Stars and The Moon both... The Stars is so sweet, and there's something about The Moon that speaks of the hidden, the world of dreams.

The World is the last on my list, but not the last card I love in this deck. It brings back the magic of childhood to me (as does The Wheel) and I just stare and stare at that little world carried on the great snail's back.
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This was tough!.. especially to pick favorites. There are so many beautiful cards in this deck...

My favorites are:

The Empress.. I love that she looks nurturing and caring, but at the same time still looks beautiful.. and I adore the baby unicorn.

The Star.. The colors in this card just really catch my eye..

The Moon - this is one of the first cards I look at in a deck

.. and I love the Knave of Chalices.

Two of my least favorite cards are the 3 of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles.

i just hate the expressions on their faces. I think the fey in the 3 is supposed to look hard at work - but he looks like he hates it at the same time. I've always pictured this card as a craftsman - who loves what he does.

..The King of Pentacles just looks too hard to me.

I'm also not fond of the 7 of Cups.. I don't see the positive "dreamer" qualities in this card....
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September Pixie 

My favorite is THE STARS, I love the colors and the look on her face, her wild hair, just everything about this card appeals to me..

My least favoirte card is THE EMPEROR, I am not sure why I don't like this card... the colors are a little drab and, well... just doesn't feel as 'pretty' as the rest
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Well, taking a look at the pictures on the web isn't nearly as 'true' to the real feeling I guess, but I'll just tell you what I figured till now:

Favorite, because of the meaning of the card/artwork..
The Wheel really reminds me of my grandma! She died when I was seven years old, so the only thing that I'm left with are those memories of playing and painting on the floor. *sigh* I love how this card symbolizes the circle of life.. from young to old, from old to young - playing and learning from each other.

Favorite, because of the artwork and colors
The star, moon and sun. They are sooo fantastic! Mangificent! I love them really... the way they watch the sky, the colors.. everything is so vibrant, you can really feel the mood there. I'd like to do some evocative artwork as good as this too...

I like the 8 of Wands - the Messenger - .. looks so cool. I like the style of the cloths, with the bells attached to the lappets!

The Knave of Swords looks cool too - I like the posture on this one!

Cards I don't like that much..
Well.. the Ace of Swords gives me the creeps. It could've looked better. It doesn't convey the meaning I associate with this card.

The Devil .. doesn't look like a deceiver, or like someone who could make me need him. Not like something that causes addiction, ..

But I guess.. the cards will just have some other meaning for me, even if some of them don't fit my current system. I will adapt quickly with the help of the fey and your guidance, folks

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I got this deck a little while ago and just haven't had time do much with it until now.
Favorites: um...I couldn't really narrow it down.
Majors: Death...I'm not sure why, but I think it looks really neat. I still really don't understand this card...but I'm drawn to it. And The Stars.
Cups: Knave of the look of the fey and the fishbowl chalice
Swords: 4 of Swords...Fey in war
Wands: 7 of Wands...just love the art and detail.
Pentacles: Knave of the flying carpet idea and the dk. blue.

Least fav: this was kinda tough...
There are some I was tempted to pick just because I didn't understand them like 10 of Swords.
But...I don't like the stern look of the Emperor, the way the Hanged Man's face is bugs me, and there is something about the 2 of I wish the fey were painted/drawn differently.

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Favourite is temperance 'cause i just have to look at it and i feel calmer and more balanced.

least favourite - queen of pentacles 'cause i just don't get her still despite reading the thread in this study group about her, i dread her coming up in readings as i don't really know what it means.

I simply adore all the rest ( i like the q of p just find her hard to interpret)

Love Fluffy
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Love Judgement. For me, the artist has worked to the point of exhaustion and she's felt like there's no inspiration left. Yet the fey leap out of her paint pots and pens and brushes and say, "Wake up! Wake up!" They're just waiting to throw her all the inspiration she wants.

Least favorite would have to be the Four of Swords. I've found this card in other decks to feel restful and quiet. This one is quite disturbing.

However, saying that any card in this deck is a least favorite is not like picking a least fave in any other deck. The entire Fey Tarot is exquisite, and for me there are no real "clinkers." You know, cards that make you recoil and go "Ew!" like the Empress in the Robin Wood.
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I just got this deck earlier today (finally!) and have been obsessively shuffling it and flipping through on and off for the past few hours.

One of the first things I do when I get a new deck is sort the cards into "Love it," "Like it," and "Don't like it" piles. Usually, I hate to say it, but the piles are all about the same size, meaning that I dislike a third of any given deck. What can I say? I'm picky. My sort of the Fey was really shocking: there were only 7 cards out of the entire deck that were in the "Don't like it" pile, and about 30 in the "Like it" pile. The rest were all "Love it!"

So, seeing as people were talking earlier about their 7 favorite and 7 least favorite cards, and I've got exactly 7 cards that I dislike, here are my top and bottom 7.

Favorites of the Favorites:
1) The Empress
2) The Seer - I love anyone on any card in any deck that's reading, and she looks absolutely gorgeous.
3) Queen of wands - I love pregnant people on tarot cards, and she just looks so thrilled.
4) The Stars
5) The Knight of Wands - wish I had a parrot to ride.
6) The Chariot - I usually don't like the chariot in tarot decks, which is a shame becuase it is my soul card. Love this one, though.
7) The 3 of swords - this is usually one of my favorite cards in a deck, and can be my make or break card for a deck. The emotion in this card is just so potent, and the symbolism is so great, that as soon as I saw it, I knew I had a winner of a deck.

The only cards I didn't automatically absolutely love (or at least like) as I flipped through:
1) The Hanged Man - not surprising as I usually dislike this card.
2) 4 of chalices - she seems...I don't know...not Fey enough for me. Or something
3) 6 of Pentalces
4) 10 of swords
5) 8 of Chalices - I don't know why, but she looks sad to me. I love her hair, though.
6) 9 of Chalices
7) 2 of Pentacles

I'm not sure why I don't like some of these cards. They just didn't strike me the way the rest of them did. But! As I was flipping through to write up the list of cards I didn't like, I found myself liking the each card more and more. Could I be on the way to having a deck where I like each and every card? Oh, I hope so.

Alright. I'll stop gushing. Anyone know a link for the spread for our 7 favorite and least favorite cards? I looked but couldn't find it. Anyone? Anyone?
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